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Thumbnail for - Why Does Pumpkin Beer Come Out So Damn Early?
Aug 4, 2014
Hopped Up
We mock. We complain. Then we buy a bunch of it.
Thumbnail for - Fall Treats for People Who Are Totally Over Pumpkin
Oct 30, 2013
Think Outside the Gourd
Over pumpkin spice? Still wanting to celebrate the season with food? Here are some options.
Thumbnail for - This Week in Happy Hour: Halloween and Día de los Muertos Edition
Oct 24, 2013
Happy Hour
In which we show you how to make the boozy most out of two of our favorite holidays.
Thumbnail for - Hey There, Pumpkin: Cocktails, Cider, and More
Oct 22, 2013
Think that autumnal booze begins and ends with pumpkin beer? Think again.
Thumbnail for - This Week in Happy Hour: Pumpkin Beer Edition
Oct 3, 2013
Happy Hour
Start October off right with a seasonal pumpkin ale on happy hour.
Thumbnail for - Happening This Weekend: Elysian's Great Pumpkin Beer Festival
Oct 15, 2012
Imbibing Agenda
Think pumpkin beer is cloying, sweet, and nasty? More than 60 varieties, and a 200-pound squash filled with beer, are just waiting to change your mind.
Thumbnail for - 'Tis the Season for Pumpkin-Flavored Things
Sep 4, 2012
On the Menu
Temperatures may be lingering in the 70s, but the calendar says it's time to savor the gourd.
Thumbnail for - Coming This Fall: Serious Pumpkin, an Elysian Brewing-Tom Douglas Collaboration Beer
Aug 25, 2011
Seattle Beer
Elysian Brewing Company’s brewer-in-chief Dick Cantwell revealed yesterday that he is working with the folks at Tom Douglas Restaurants to create Serious Pumpkin, a beer featuring three varieties...
Thumbnail for - Weekend Plans: Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival
Oct 13, 2010
This weekend, October 16 and 17, Elysian Brewing holds its annual pumpkin beer festival. This is what happens: Over 40 different pumpkin beers are poured, there is pumpkin carving, and—on 4pm on...
Thumbnail for - Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater…
Oct 12, 2009
Ask the Critic
Dear Critic, With the turning trees and falling leaves I always start jonesing for pumpkin. Who’s serving it? Signed, P.P.P. Eater Hey Pete, Depends on how you’re jonesing to eat it. Pumpkin’s...