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Morning Fizz

Extra Friday Fizz: Speaking of City Council Appointments

Extra Friday Fizz featuring city council appointments, Metro transit funding, and public campaign financing.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 06/13/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: The Name of the Current Mayor

Wednesday Fizz featuring a K-12 funding solution?, public campaign finance, Seward Park sewage, an unfortunately timed announcement, and a time warp.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 06/04/2014
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City Hall

Public Campaign Financing Back on Table

City council takes up public campaign financing again after a close loss in last year's election.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 05/07/2014
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Guest Op/Ed: Vote "Yes" on Public Campaign Financing

Former city council member Jim Street says: Vote "Yes" on Proposition 1, which would fund public financing for city council campaigns.

  • By Jim Street
  • Published 10/23/2013
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City Hall

Council Moves Public Campaign Financing Toward Ballot

City council moves public campaign financing toward the November ballot.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 06/17/2013
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City Hall

Public Campaign Finance Plan Is Moving Forward

The city's elections commission votes next week on a public campaign-finance recommendation to the council.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 03/15/2013
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City Hall

Public Campaign Finance Proponents Make Case to Council

A group of representatives from cities that have passed public campaign finance laws relate their cities' experiences to a largely skeptical Seattle City Council.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 01/31/2013
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