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Thumbnail for - David Rolf: Man in the Middle
Feb 1, 2014
Power Lines
All sides of the increased minimum wage debate need the support of SEIU labor leader David Rolf. He’s fine with that.
Thumbnail for - Inside the Anti-McGinn Strategy That Colored the Mayoral Primary Ad Campaign
Sep 3, 2013
Some went for the direct approach, and others were cagier. But the message was the same: We aren’t like Mike.
Thumbnail for - Meet the Challengers: Peter Steinbrueck
Mar 20, 2013
The former city council member targets zoning in South Lake Union, police training, and Mayor McGinn’s management style.
Thumbnail for - Meet the Candidates: Bruce Harrell
Feb 20, 2013
Seattle City Council member Bruce Harrell, jumping into the mayor’s race, says incumbent McGinn “doesn’t have a clue.”
Thumbnail for - The Education of Ed Murray
Dec 19, 2012
The biggest winner of the 2012 election wasn’t even on the ballot, but he’s poised to be the most powerful man in Olympia, and Seattle.
Thumbnail for - White Center’s Annexation Fight
Oct 9, 2012
November’s vote on annexing White Center to Burien has blown up into angry battle pitting neighborhood against neighborhood—and neighbor against neighbor.
Thumbnail for - Disbanded: No Broadband Utility for Seattle
Jun 20, 2012
For years Seattle has welched on its promise to build a municipal broadband network. We may have Tacoma to blame—and thank—for that.
Thumbnail for - St. James’s Father Ryan Is a Spirited Voice for Change
May 18, 2012
Seattle’s Catholic community has found a spirited voice for change in Father Michael G. Ryan.
Thumbnail for - Streetcars Paved with Gold
Jan 14, 2011
Local transit mavens make a last-ditch plea to Mayor Mike McGinn and the City Council for faster trolleys, not pricey streetcars, on First Hill.
Thumbnail for - Trolley Folly
Dec 13, 2010
If Metro scraps the clean, quiet trolleys Seattle loves, they may not save as much money as they hope.
Listing 1 - 10 of 26 Results