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Sandwich Resurrection

Paseo Is Back

...But is it the real deal?

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Shifts & Shakeups

The Past Few Weeks in Restaurant News: Queen Tea

To paraphrase a recently closed coffee shop, Shifts and Shakeups does not require explanation, only documentation.

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Sandwich Sagas

Paseo Has a New Owner—Let Your Theories Fly

The name and assets were sold at auction. But not the recipes.

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Shifts & Shakeups

This Week in Restaurant News: Despair. Hope. Cats.

From Paseo drama to Shiro Kashiba's return, it's been an emotional roller coaster of late.

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Critic's Notebook

10 Things About Paseo I’m Not Going to Miss

Go ahead, wail your hungry little heart out. When you’re ready to stop, read this.

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Devastating Closings

Rest in Peace, Paseo

What?! Without warning, one of Seattle's favorite sandwich spots has closed both of its locations permanently.

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Shifts and Shakeups

This Week In Restaurant News: More Meat

Hawaiian burgers land in Greenlake, Dot's expands, and Bill the Butcher heads for Portland.

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Critic's Notebook

Where Is Seattle’s Best Sandwich?

We have a killer list so far…but to finish it we need your votes.

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Best Restaurants 2012

For our annual guide to the top dining in Seattle, we bring you both innovators and classics with strong culinary vision and deep reverence for seasons, local ingredients, and a sense of place—in short, the very best places to eat right now.

Displaying all 9 articles