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Thumbnail for - Li'l Woody's + Top Pot = This Doughnut Burger
Feb 12, 2015
Plus peanut butter, bacon, cheddar, and marshmallow cream.
Thumbnail for - Li'l Woody's + Beecher's = This Glorious Burger
Aug 18, 2014
On the Menu
Mac and cheese meets beef patty, for one week only.
Thumbnail for - More Details on the Menu at Damn the Weather
May 1, 2014
On the Menu
Details involving "active garnishes" and a gentleman by the name of Jay Kuehner.
Thumbnail for - Ma'ono Chef Mark Fuller Is Doing the Food at the Rhino Room
Apr 2, 2014
On the Menu
Why yes, his fried chicken will be there.
Thumbnail for - Artusi's New(ish) Chef Adds a Tasting Menu to the Mix
Mar 24, 2014
On the Menu
Nico Borzee has an impressive background, which he uses to produce multicourse tasting menus in a very small space.
Thumbnail for - The Curious Case of the Canceled Croughnuts
Sep 17, 2013
On (and Off) the Menu
Ba Bar's croissant-doughnut hybrids are on a bit of a hiatus. But it's temporary, guys.
Thumbnail for - Curious About Cronuts? Get Thee to Ba Bar.
Aug 22, 2013
On the Menu
The doughnut-croissant hybrid that launched an international mania touches down in Seattle.
Thumbnail for - Unlikely (and Excellent) Okonomiyaki at the Gastropod
Apr 23, 2013
On the Menu
Chef Travis Kukull picked up this Japanese dish from a poodle named Frances, and produces it in the most minimalist of kitchens.
Thumbnail for - And Now for a Few Maria Hines Menu Updates
Feb 26, 2013
On the Menu
Tilth does gluten-free and vegan menus, and Monday nights are all about mac and cheese at Golden Beetle.
Thumbnail for - A Breakfast Sandwich for Anyone Who Fondly Remembers McMuffins
Feb 15, 2013
On the Menu
The Bait Shop's new breakfast sandwich packs all the hangover-curing properties of the iconic fast food sandwich...but most of it is made in house.
Listing 1 - 10 of 39 Results