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Morning Fizz

A Bipartisan Constitutional Amendment to Change the Initiative Process

Caffeinated news featuring constitutional amendments, Obamacare, and Bertha.

  • Published 01/22/2015
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PubliCalendar: Happy Anniversary, ObamaCare

Today's picks for civic nerds

  • By Darren Davis
  • Published 10/08/2014
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PubliCalendar: Education, Health, and Transit

Today's picks for civic nerds

  • By Kristen Farnam
  • Published 09/24/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: More on the MIA GOP Memo

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring GOP memos, developer anxiety, Obamacare, and Vulcan design.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 08/28/2014
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Healthy Kids

Network Interference

Obamacare is finally in full swing, but Washington state insurance plans don’t cover Seattle Children’s hospital. Won’t someone think of the kids?

  • By Allison Williams
  • Published 04/01/2014
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That Washington

Cantwell Opposes Obama Apointee

Sen. Maria Cantwell voices frustration over delay in ACA provision.

  • By Carryn Vande Griend
  • Published 02/28/2013
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A Health Care Surcharge on Seattle Menus?

Chefs are bracing for a backlash as they consider adding a menu surcharge to pay for employee health plans.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 02/20/2013
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On Other Blogs Today

On Other Blogs Today: Coal Trains, Drive-Thrus, and More

Our daily roundup.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 01/28/2013

That Washington

WA State's Congressional GOP Delegation Votes to Repeal Obamacare

Washington State's GOP lines up against Obamacare. McDermott makes fun of them. What does McKenna say?

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 07/11/2012
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On Other Blogs

On Other Blogs Today: McKenna in Yakima, Micro-Mini-Apts., and Chaos

Today in our daily web roundup: The Seattle Times, the PI.com, the New York Times, and Seattle Transit Blog.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 07/10/2012
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