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Thumbnail for - Sound Coffee and Morsel Continues Nook's Biscuit Legacy
Jul 11, 2013
Biscuit Reincarnation
Soft, buttery biscuits have returned in full force to the U District.
Thumbnail for - Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups: Week of May 20
May 24, 2013
Action Items
Dot's serves dinner and Von's starts brunch, Tup Tim Thai isn't going anywhere, and Lucky 8's luck runs out.
Thumbnail for - A Beloved Seattle Restaurant Shuts Its Doors
May 20, 2013
Critic's Notebook
A closure so devastating, fans circulate a petition to bring it back.
Thumbnail for - Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups
Dec 7, 2012
Action Items
This week: Asian fusion tacos in South Lake Union, Montana is expanding, and Skelly and the Bean to close in two weeks.
Thumbnail for - A New Menu and Format for Nook
Nov 30, 2012
After this weekend, the U District cafe will close for a short time—and return with a menu dedicated solely to its fantastic biscuits.
Thumbnail for - The New Seattle Breakfast
Mar 2, 2012
We still love waffles, omelets, and pancakes. But at Seattle’s best breakfast spots, just look at what’s joining the classic canon.
Thumbnail for - Rising Trend in Seattle Restaurants: “Only 30 Chickens a Night!”
Feb 27, 2012
Critic's Notebook
We’ve all been to restaurants that run out of stuff—barbecue joints that close when the meat goes, sushi bars that nimbly switch specials according to what disappears, taco trucks that fold up...
Thumbnail for - Nook Does Japanese For a Week
Feb 10, 2012
Nook, the breakfast and lunch den known mostly for its biscuits, is throwing us for a curveball and hosting a series of Japanese dinners starting February 22. Owners Aki Woodward and Alex Green...
Thumbnail for - For Your Weekend Consideration: Biscuit Brunch at Nook
May 12, 2011
Food Finds
Biscuits are quickly becoming a thing, thanks in part to this U District newbie known to draw such a crowd on weekends the grub sells out by noon. Those crowds come for the scratch "mini brunch"...
Thumbnail for - Nook Opens on the Ave
Apr 1, 2011
UPDATED Nook will open on Sunday, April 3 because of “a few last minute things” that have come up. The Ave is great and all, but ethnic joints aside it’s no culinary calling card. So yay that the...