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Thumbnail for - Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Tom Hanks, Super Mario, and Daniel Bryan
Mar 30, 2015
Pop Culture Blast
Distract yourself with expedited cinematic journeys, bluegrass, hip-hop, video game memories, and pro wrestling.
Thumbnail for - Indie Game Revolution Captures the Bliss of Gaming
Jan 20, 2015
EMP's exploration of independent video game creators gets it right.
Thumbnail for - A Day at PAX 2014
Sep 2, 2014
Video Games
A photo recap from a day spent at Seattle's prime gaming convention
Thumbnail for - The Smithsonian's Art of Video Games, Now at EMP
Feb 14, 2013
Explore 40 years of pixelated playable art, from Mario to Mass Effect.
Thumbnail for - The Most Elegant Netflix Ever
Apr 13, 2010
Until someone releases a toaster that streams movies, I can't really say Netflix works on every gizmo on the planet. But it sure feels that way. Yesterday, the long list of TiVos, Blu-ray...
Thumbnail for - Nintendo Finally Shows Off A Groundbreaking 2010 Game
Mar 30, 2010
Nintendo has taken too long to show off its upcoming Wii sci-fi epic, Metroid: Other M. Even when its Japanese producer came to San Francisco's Game Developers Conference earlier this month to talk...
Thumbnail for - Nintendo Announces 3D Gadget
Mar 22, 2010
Will people fall for 3D televisions in their homes the way they've fallen for Avatar? Maybe not. I certainly can't imagine buying another $600+ TV so soon after taking the HD plunge. But a cheaper,...
Thumbnail for - Game Developers Conference: Seattle's Littles Strike Big
Mar 15, 2010
The exhibition hall at the Game Developers Conference was built to astound— full of the biggest and smallest games companies in the world. Huge walls were covered in HDTVs, each displaying a...
Thumbnail for - Patent Hunter: Nintendo
Mar 7, 2010
If you're curious about Nintendo's forthcoming plans, sometimes it's best to flip through its latest patents. This week, a patent came to light for a "cartridge for electronic game machine," which...
Thumbnail for - NW Games Roundup
Feb 24, 2010
[caption id="attachment_28615" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="Super Mario Galaxy 2, coming May 23"][/caption] •  This morning, Nintendo announced its American summer schedule. Nowhere to...
Listing 1 - 10 of 12 Results