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Classical News

Seattle Symphony and Opera Musicians Approve New Contracts

The orchestra will do more with less in the short term.

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Why Seattle Loves Amanda Knox

Last night on ABC’s Nightline, the world learned what we’ve known all along.

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TV Timeout

'The Killing' Casts Peter Sarsgaard for Season 3

There may be hope for this show yet.

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Council Pushes Alternative to Governor's Proposal to Consolidate Business Tax Collections

The city council considere

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"It Took 63 Years, But It Was Worth It."

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: The hotly contested 17th District state house race; Cheryl Chow's last crusade; the increasingly ugly 5th District state senate race; and Mitt Romney's latest gaffe.

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PubliCalendar: Cycle Tracks, Art for Kids, and the AG's Race

Our daily picks for political and civic nerds.

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One Question for Suzan DelBene

Today, we ask Suzan DelBene the obvious question: If you're a better fit for the swing 1st District than progressive net roots star Darcy Burner, does that mean you're not as liberal as Burner?

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PubliCalendar: The Blue Angels Bike Ride

Our daily picks for political nerds.

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On Other Blogs Today: Basketball, Guns, and Birth Control

On Other Blogs Today: The arena, parking minimums, guns and the AG's race, light rail, BoltBus, and Obamacare.


PubliCalender: Ballot Party

Our daily PubliCola picks for civic nerds.

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Contribution of the Day: Jay Inslee's $865K

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee closes in on a million dollars in party money.

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PubliCola to Resume Publication

We're back. SagaCity Media, owners of award-winning Seattle Met, Portland Monthly, OutCity, and 24 other custom and editorial titles, has bought PubliCola and will relaunch us later this month.

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Jail Changes Could Cost County $5 Million or More a Year

Changes to the way the state and county punish parole violators could result in less recidivism---but they're also impact the county's bottom line.

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Inslee, Seizing McKenna's Opposition to Rail, Urges Light Rail Foes to Drop Suit

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, seizing on his Republican opponent Rob McKenna's longtime opposition to light rail, urged Eastside rail opponents today to drop their lawsuit against Sound Transit.


Tarleton Cites Federal Law on Truckers, So What About Tokers?

The pack of Democrats running to replace retiring marijuana legalization advocate Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson all support her cause. But the one Dickerson endorsed, Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton, finds herself in a funny spot.

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Politico: WA Governor's Race Third Most Competitive in Nation

Politico ranks Washington's Inslee-McKenna showdown the third most competitive in the nation.

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City Wants to Make it Easier to Get Energy Assistance

The city's human services department is trying to make it easier for people to navigate its often confusing maze of energy-assistance programs. Image via udcinc.org.

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Wednesday Jolt: McKenna Loses It

Republican gubernatorial candidate and AG Rob McKenna tells a woman with a question about reproductive rights to "get a job."

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Less than a Quarter of Lobbyists Think Inslee Will Win

Lobbyists are bearish on Democrat Jay Inslee's ability to win the governor's race in November.


Mike O'Brien Proposes New Campaign Finance Limits

City Council member Mike O'Brien proposes new limits on campaign fundraising.

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