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Thumbnail for - Council Will Pass Resolution to Oppose Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership Fast Track
Mar 30, 2015
Morning FIzz
Caffeinated news featuring the national debate
Thumbnail for - Campaign Kickoffs and Affordable Housing
Mar 27, 2015
Morning Fizz
Friday Likes and Dislikes
Thumbnail for - Agree or Disagree with O'Brien's Stance on Global Trade, the Council Is Relevant Again
Mar 25, 2015
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated news featuring Seattle and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Thumbnail for - Voting Rights Act Gets Good Reception in GOP Senate
Mar 24, 2015
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated news featuring voting rights, neighborhood rights, and pedestrian rights
Thumbnail for - Friday Likes and Dislikes: Passive-Aggressive About Affordable Housing in Roosevelt
Mar 20, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring a dumb joke, a cool contest, and a poetic delay
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Jolt: City to Scrutinize Shell Deal at Port
Mar 9, 2015
Afternoon Jolt
Democrats put GOP on the spot, and city puts Port of Seattle on the spot.
Thumbnail for - Over Objections from O'Brien and Sawant, Council Approves Vulcan Deal
Feb 24, 2015
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated news featuring a $500,000 waiver for Vulcan, a new candidate, and a surprise in the Fifth District
Thumbnail for - Council Committee Approves Hundreds of Thousands of New Bus Hours
Feb 11, 2015
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated news featuring Vulcan giveaways, compromise amendments, voting rights, and new candidates.
Thumbnail for - Pedestrian Chronicles: O'Brien Votes Against Vulcan's "Corporate Park"
Feb 10, 2015
Pedestrian Chronicles
O'Brien casts lone 'No' vote on $500,000 waiver for Vulcan development in SLU.
Thumbnail for - Mayor Murray and the Other Tunnel
Jan 7, 2015
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News featuring a new tunnel, new body cam tech, and a new candidate.
Listing 1 - 10 of 167 Results