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Thumbnail for - Despite Extra Money to Dahlquist, KCGOP says They Don't Favor GOP Rep. in Race Against Republican Sen. Roach
Oct 15, 2014
Election 2014
Eastern Washington Roach Rival, Republican Sen. Hewitt gives $2,500 to KCGOP
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Fizz: Republicans Respond to Murray; Sen. Brown Skeptical of Tom Scenario
Nov 21, 2012
This Washington
Republicans send friendly response to "Caucus Leader" Murray; Sen. Brown doubtful about Tom leadership.
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Jolt: Senate Republican Leader Steps Down
Nov 16, 2012
Afternoon Jolt
Amid health concerns and on the heels of a bruising election, the senate Republican Caucus leader announces he will step down from the position.
Thumbnail for - State Republican Leaders Reject Democratic Call for Revenues
Sep 22, 2011
This Washington
The stage is set for a special session battle over the state budget.
Thumbnail for - Post-Post-Intelligencer Life
Mar 18, 2010
Morning Fizz
1. At a GOP press conference in Olympia yesterday afternoon, Republian Senate Leader Sen. Mike Hewitt (R-16, Walla Walla) took up Gov. Chris Gregoire's rhetorical challenge.  “To my friends on...
Thumbnail for - After Detailed Discussions
Jan 7, 2010
Morning Fizz
1. City attorney Pete Holmes attended last night's meeting of the Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council—the first time, according to several in attendance, that a city attorney has showed...