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Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: King County Voters Rejecting Metro Funding Measure
Apr 23, 2014
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News and Gossip featuring last night's special election results.
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: Adversaries by Day
Apr 22, 2014
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip: Look who's supporting Prop. 1
Thumbnail for - On Other Blogs Today: Vote Yes on Metro Funding
Apr 21, 2014
On Other Blogs
An eloquent argument for saving Metro service.
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: "Especially if You're Wearing a Skirt Like That."
Apr 21, 2014
Morning FIzz
Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring tips, candidates, and buses.
Thumbnail for - Extra Fizz: Heavy Metro Cuts Looming, Signature Gatherers on $15 Measure Not Getting $15
Apr 15, 2014
City Hall
Extra Fizz: Raising the minimum wage and cutting bus service.
Thumbnail for - Don't Listen to the Seattle Times on Prop. 1
Apr 8, 2014
The C Is for Crank
Don't listen to the Seattle Times. Vote "Yes" on Metro funding this April.
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: "The Troubling Part Is..."
Mar 5, 2014
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring pranksters, withdrawals, and splits.
Thumbnail for - That Sinking Feeling: Tunnel Manager Says No Need to Worry About Sinking Viaduct
Feb 25, 2014
Tunnel project manager says the public shouldn't be concerned about revelations that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is sinking due to a contractor's work on the tunnel.
Thumbnail for - The Left Wing of the Progressive Movement: Sawant Supports Metro Measure
Feb 24, 2014
Election 2014
Progressives like socialist council member Kshama Sawant aren't thrilled that the Metro funding proposal relies on regressive taxes. But they may realize they have no other option.
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: Simultaneous Fiasco
Feb 24, 2014
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring: devastating cuts, powerful unions, incompetence, and cautious optimism.
Listing 1 - 10 of 96 Results