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I'm New Here

The 30-Second Intro to Legal Marijuana

You know it's legal. Now what?

  • By Seattle Met Staff
  • Published 08/20/2015
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The JuJu Joint Enterprise

Marcus Charles’s budding e-joint business isn’t just blowing smoke.

  • By Angela Cabotaje
  • Published 03/02/2015
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Morning Fizz

Will the GOP Continue to Defy Conventional Wisdom?

Caffeinated news featuring legislative brinkmanship in Olympia and transit advocacy at the local level

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 02/25/2015
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Nailed It

Trichome Holidaze Nail Art Party

DJs, custom nail art, Hot Cakes butter beer, and...pot?

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 12/09/2014
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Crime in Seattle, By the Numbers

  • By Casey Jaywork and Ezra Parter
  • Published 10/01/2014
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PubliCalendar: Get Schooled on Marijuana, a New Light Rail Station, and the Cedar River Basin

Today's picks for civic nerds.

  • By Kristen Farnam
  • Published 09/25/2014
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PubliCalendar: Education, Health, and Transit

Today's picks for civic nerds

  • By Kristen Farnam
  • Published 09/24/2014
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PubliCalendar: Updates on SR-520 Plans

Today's picks for civic nerds

  • By Kristen Farnam
  • Published 09/11/2014
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The Ultimate 12th Man Guide

The Seahawks and the NFL Pot Problem

The Seahawks may play in a state where marijuana is legal, but they won’t get to partake in the party any time soon.

  • By Will Leitch
  • Published 08/28/2014
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PubliCalendar: Weed, Art, and Safety Projects

Today's picks for civic nerds

  • By Kristen Farnam
  • Published 08/18/2014
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City Hall

Afternoon Fizz: Human Services and Public Pot Consumption

Mayor Ed Murray appoints a new head of human services, and city attorney Pete Holmes says it's time to stop targeting black and homeless people for smoking pot in public.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 07/23/2014
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Marijuana Sales Now Legal, Exorbitant

Marijuana sales now legal, exorbitantly expensive, in Washington state.

  • By Casey Jaywork
  • Published 07/08/2014
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The Northwest Flavor Issue

You Put Your Weed in It

Meet three people pushing the limits of Seattle’s new, tasty, and legally dubious frontier of marijuana edibles.

  • By James Ross Gardner
  • Published 07/01/2014
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Slide Show: You Put Your Weed in It

Seattleites are pushing the limits of the newly legal frontier of marijuana edibles.

  • Published 06/24/2014
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News in a minute

One-Sentence Stories

A (really) brief recap of the news you might have missed.

  • By Jeremy G. Novak
  • Published 05/01/2014
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City Hall

The Brave New World of Pot Enforcement

Pot laws collide: Pot smoking in public is the city's "lowest law-enforcement priority." It's also now explicitly illegal under I-502. Here's how both laws might play out in Seattle.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 12/10/2013
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Marijuana, Seed to Sale

Between November 18 and December 18, the Washington State Liquor Control Board will accept license applications for marijuana producers, processors, and retailers. Here’s how pot will get from the grow-op to the pipe bowl.

  • By James Ross Gardner
  • Published 11/01/2013
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City Hall

Extra Fizz: Council Adopts Pot Rules

The city council adopts compromise rules for growing and selling pot; meanwhile, the state liquor control board meets tonight to discuss how it plans to regulate recreational marijuana now that it's legal.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 10/08/2013
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Washington’s First Marijuana Restaurant Makes a Brief Appearance in Seattle

The term ‘marijuana restaurant’ might sound a little too fantastical to be true, but in fact such a place almost existed in the University District.

  • By Shirley Qiu
  • Published 08/15/2013
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This is a Real Thing

Why, Yes—Redhook and Hilliard's Made a Beer Celebrating Legalized Marijuana

It's called Joint Effort Ale. Brace yourself for wordplay.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 07/15/2013
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