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Faux Real

Great (Fake) Moments in Seattle Hip-Hop History

As MOHAI opens its Legacy of Seattle Hip-Hop exhibit, we look at some less fact-checked moments that defined the scene.

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 08/31/2015
Macklemore downtown cqxjbe

This Week in Macklenews

Macklemore Goes "Downtown" in New Music Video

Well... downtown Spokane. But hey, Ken Griffey, Jr. is there!

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 08/27/2015
Macklemore growing up eidre0

New Music

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Return with the Paternal "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)"

The MC and new dad offers fatherly advice on the track featuring Ed Sheeran (which is available for free download).

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 08/05/2015
Macklemore on sesame street ngp8za

Weird Pairings

Macklemore Was on 'Sesame Street'

We knew he was a Muppet!

  • By Matthew Halverson
  • Published 01/13/2015
Macklemore r0orpl


Imperfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite if we could roast this year’s most shameless visitors, bumbling locals, and all-around knuckleheads.

  • By Seattle Met Staff
  • Published 12/01/2014
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Do Gooders

Meet Macklemore at the Runway to Freedom Fashion Show

The local hip-hop star shows up to support this charitable runway show benefiting victims of domestic violence.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 10/14/2014
Fences mary lambert eb0p52

Met Picks

The Top Things to See or Do in Seattle: October 2014

A Tony-winning play, a Newbery-winning book, and Macklemore’s pals release competing albums.

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 10/01/2014
Macklemore arrows bmgese

Seattle Sound

Macklemore Confronts the Fame Monster in Fences' "Arrows" Video

The MC expresses the pressures of success in the new "Made in Seattle" clip

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 08/11/2014
Macklemore fences pi1r0g

Seattle Sound

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Return on Fences' "Arrows"

The duo's collaboration with the former Seattle singer-songwriter is their first new track since 'The Heist'

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 07/29/2014
Owour arunga grfc5l

Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Owuor Arunga

The trumpeter for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis talks about bridging musical generations with a Timeless performance, visualization, and space travel

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 07/16/2014
Flavr blue zvsgcb

Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Hollis Wong-Wear

The Flavr Blue singer talks about staying hyper busy, performing with Macklemore, playing Fremont Fair's new concert series.

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 06/17/2014
Seattle rainiers 1941 home jersey imoyck

Summer Style

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis x Ebbets Field

Baseball season is here. How will Seattle's favorite hip-pop stars make it look good?

  • By Emma Ranniger
  • Published 06/09/2014
Macklemore bobblehead filson

The Sporting Life

Macklemore Gets His Own Mariners Bobblehead

These figurines are more likely to end up on eBay than in a thrift shop.

  • Published 06/03/2014
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Morning Fizz

Friday Fizz Likes and Dislikes

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring how we really felt about this week's news.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 05/23/2014
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Music News

Macklemore Makes Up to $300K Per Show

But that's not nearly as much as some other really, really bad bands.

  • By Matthew Halverson
  • Published 05/22/2014
Fagin2 hdalkv

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Oblivious Tweets

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the clueless mainstream media on twitter.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 05/19/2014
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Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Iska Dhaaf's Nathan Quiroga

The singer (aka Buffalo Madonna) chats about Iska Dhaaf's new album 'Even the Sun Will Burn' and the group's video with Macklemore.

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 03/11/2014
Pedersen pfadsr

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: The Adults in the Room

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring garbage, Macklemore, loopholes, and emails.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 02/26/2014
Hollis jy7acc

Red Carpet Watch

Our Grammy Winners: Mark Mitchell and Hollis Wong-Wear

Sure, the Seattle story is all about Macklemore, but check out his collaborator—the Flavr Blue songstress— and her Seattle designer neighbor.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 01/30/2014
Sync music video festival yso6ei

On the Town

Met Picks for February 2014

The top things to see or do in February.

  • By Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 01/29/2014
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