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Thumbnail for - Five Questions for the Bartender: Miller's Guild's Bex Karnofski
May 5, 2014
Behind Bars
"One guy slapped the other in the face then grabbed him and kissed...the whole thing was just very animated."
Thumbnail for - This Week In Restaurant News: More Meat
Jan 31, 2014
Shifts and Shakeups
Hawaiian burgers land in Greenlake, Dot's expands, and Bill the Butcher heads for Portland.
Thumbnail for - Hey There, Pumpkin: Cocktails, Cider, and More
Oct 22, 2013
Think that autumnal booze begins and ends with pumpkin beer? Think again.
Thumbnail for - Five Questions for the Bartender: Alex Negranza
Aug 12, 2013
Behind Bars
Liberty's bar manager lives a double life of coffee and alcohol.
Thumbnail for - Five Questions for the Bartender: Elizabeth Powell
Jun 24, 2013
Behind Bars
"I noticed a woman dancing on a tall table, shirtless. She was with a pro hockey player."
Thumbnail for - Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups: Week of Apr 8
Apr 12, 2013
Action Items
Liberty plans a spinoff, Beecher's founder plans two new restaurants, Ballard gets another brewery, and Sonics fans get free dessert.
Thumbnail for - Yep, Liberty's Owners Are Opening Another Bar
Apr 12, 2013
Day = Made
Prebatched and bottled cocktails, slushy machines, cocktails on tap, and other methods of “getting drinks out to you really fast.”
Thumbnail for - Wednesday Is Repeal Day; Here's Where to Drink
Dec 4, 2012
Boozecentric Holidays
Celebrate your legal right to intoxication with cocktails on tap, drinks under $6, and period attire.
Thumbnail for - The Best Bars For Getting Work Done
Dec 23, 2011
Alcohol-Fueled Productivity
Recently a Twitter peep requested that I round up some of the best bars for getting work done. And given our tireless commitment to service journalism, I was more than happy to comply. His wish...
Thumbnail for - Best Bars 2011: 15 More Must-Visit Bars
Feb 21, 2011
Another 15 favorite Seattle bars, plus the cocktail to try at each one.
Listing 1 - 10 of 11 Results