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Morning Fizz

Council Candidate Seeks Tunnel Advice

Caffeinated News featuring the tunnel, the carbon tax, and the endless debate about Seattle's future.

  • 01/15/2015
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: "What I Get Paid Is Not Enough to Live On."

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring no transportation deal, no veto, and no living wage.

  • 03/04/2014
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This Washington

MCC Says It's Finally Ready to Talk Transportation

Republican transportation leader Sen. Curtis King sends letter to Democrats.

  • 02/13/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: "One Percent of the One Percent"

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the estate tax, transportation taxes, McGinn's fundraiser, and dissident Democrats.

  • 05/31/2013
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Morning Fizz

Morning FIzz: Local Options

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring more campaign money, more transportation money, and more Chris Hansen money.

  • 05/13/2013
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This Washington

Capital Newsmaker, Week 14: Rep. Judy Clibborn

Every week of the 2013 legislative session, Niki Reading picks the lawmaker who's at the center of the action.

  • 04/22/2013
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The C Is for Crank

Why the Bike Tax Is a Bad Idea

Why a proposed $25 tax on bike sales is a terrible idea.

  • 02/22/2013
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Isn't it Weird That ...

Isn't It Weird That ...

A few weird things we noticed about the proposed state transportation package.

  • 02/21/2013
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This Washington

House Transportation Leaders Propose $10 Billion Funding Package

State house transportation leaders propose a roads and transit funding package that includes a 10-cent gas tax, new local options, and an increased hazardous substance tax.

  • 02/20/2013
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Spoiler Alert

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the state of the city, inside jokes, and the environment.

  • 02/20/2013
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This Washington

State Transportation Chair: State Could Lift Spending Cap on Tunnel

The state house transportation chair says she doesn't support the idea of funding the new tunnel with tolls from drivers who don't use the tunnel, but concedes that the state's ultimate commitment to tunnel funding, including the amount it expects to rais

  • 09/26/2012
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On Other Blogs

On Other Blogs Today: Pot, the Tunnel, 520, and More

Our daily roundup. Image via WSDOT.

  • 09/18/2012
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Morning Fizz

"Do We Have the Right Security in Place?"

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the arena shortfall, quotes from the candidates debate, Democrats for Republicans, Democrats against gay rights, and more.

  • 07/10/2012
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This Washington

House Passes Transportation Fee Bill with Transit Funding Intact

A contentious transportation funding bill that would increase drivers license and other fees passes the state house with funding for transit intact.

  • 05/25/2011
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Morning Fizz

"We Were Tricked."

Tuesday Edition: Transit funding vote in Olympia; transit funding vote in Pierce County; transit funding vote in King County; plus the contribution of the day; ThinkTank; and Team O'Brien.

  • 05/10/2011
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This Washington

Seattle Projects Get Funded in Senate Transpo Budget

The state senate passed a state transportation budget last week that included funding for two recommended Seattle projects---transit corridor improvements on NE 45th St. between Ballard and the U District and renovations to King Street Station---while cut

  • 04/26/2011
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Bill Would Nearly Double Driver License Fees

Today's winners and losers.

  • 04/06/2011
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Hugeasscity's Endorsements

Hugeasscity has a simple, time-saving solution for those of you who want to do the right thing for people and the planet, but have the attention span of a fruit fly: Don't vote for anyone or anything endorsed by the Seattle Times.

  • 07/29/2010
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PubliCola Picks Judy Clibborn for State Rep., Position 2, District 41

PubliCola isn't thrilled with state transportation committee chair Judy Clibborn's lackluster record on transportation, but she's the best choice in this less-than-inspiring field of candidates.

  • 07/29/2010

Morning Fizz

Serious People Using Serious Tactics

  • 03/25/2010
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