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Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: Holcomb vs. Sawant
Jul 17, 2014
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring the union vs. the union, Holcomb vs. Sawant, and a slow-growther fast-growther love fest.
Thumbnail for - Isn't It Weird That...
Mar 14, 2014
Isn't It Weird That
Some weird things we noticed about density and its discontents.
Thumbnail for - One Question for John Fox about aPodments
Mar 26, 2013
One Question
One question for Seattle Displacement Coalition founder John Fox about aPodments.
Thumbnail for - Guess Who Likes the South Lake Union Trolley
Oct 4, 2011
Housing advocacy group applauds South Lake Union streetcar.
Thumbnail for - Licata v. Fox on $60 Car Tabs
Sep 14, 2011
It's populist lefty vs. populist lefty on the question of raising car-tab fees $60 to pay for transportation.
Thumbnail for - This Week's ThinkTank Pits Social-Justice Lefty vs. Social-Justice Lefty
Sep 14, 2011
PubliCola Adds Life
In this week's ThinkTank, two progressive advocates tackle the issue of car-tab fees.
Thumbnail for - Evening Campaign Fizz: Car-Tab Opponents Form PACs
Aug 24, 2011
Neighborhood and housing activists form groups to fight the $60 vehicle license fee that will be on the ballot in November.
Thumbnail for - Anti-Growth Activists Get It Wrong on Job Density
Jul 8, 2010
City Hall
Two anti-growth activists argue against a different kind of density—job density. But moving jobs to the suburbs is not the "green" solution they claim it is.
Thumbnail for - Builders Rep Raps City for Vacancy Ordinance
Mar 5, 2010
City Hall
During November and December, the City Council passed a set of ordinances designed to reduce the proliferation of derelict properties in neighborhoods like Delridge and Roosevelt.  The ordinances...
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: Caffeinated News and Gossip
Mar 13, 2009
1. From the Facebooks: After cut off ended in Olympia yesterday ("cut off" being the last day to move bills out of the state House or Senate), State Rep. Dave Upthegrove (D-33, Burien) updated his...
Listing 1 - 10 of 15 Results