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Thumbnail for - A Fiendish Conversation with Cuong Vu
May 14, 2013
Local Talent
The influential trumpeter and UW professor breaks down the Seattle jazz scene.
Thumbnail for - Seattle Times Digs Up Jazz Gold at the Dump
Apr 11, 2012
Music News We Love
Give credit where credit’s due: There was a great story in the Seattle Times this weekend about the unearthing of jazz gold at a landfill outside San Francisco, where a storage container sat...
Thumbnail for - The Sound of Paint Sizzling: Matt Jorgensen’s ‘Tattooed by Passion’
Oct 28, 2010
Painters from Vermeer to Picasso have celebrated music-making. Abstract expressionism is jazz played with a brush; Mondrian made boogie woogie out of squares and stripes. But musical homages to...
Thumbnail for - Dedicated to Davis: Electric Miles at Electric Tea Garden
Feb 5, 2010
Arts & Culture
Trying to reinterpret the music of Miles Davis is no easy task.  Any musician who sets out  to cover the revered trumpeter's repertoire is in for a serious challenge. But that's exactly what local...