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Coming to Ballard Ave: An Italian Restaurant with a Past

One of the oldest dwellings in Seattle has spaghetti Bolognese and osso bucco in its future.

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Critic's Notebook

We Left Out 2 Great Seattle Italian Restaurants!

And boy, did we hear about it.

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Critic's Notebook

37 Great Seattle Italian Restaurants

Because honestly…who doesn’t want this list?

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Critic's Picks

Seattle's Finest Italian Restaurants

Our collection of Seattle's best bets for Italian food

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On the Menu

A Pasta Revolution at Cafe Lago

Have you been conditioned to eat bland pasta? Carla Leonardi of Cafe Lago thinks locally sourced flour is the answer.

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Weekly Planner

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner: August 13–16

This week: Doing good tastes good. Pick your beneficiary, from Boys and Girls Club to Food Lifeline and more.

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Coming Soon (Very Soon)

Mike Easton's Pizzeria Gabbiano Opens Next Week

The chef behind Il Corvo brings pizza by the kilo to Pioneer Square.

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Restaurant Openings

First Look Inside Altura

Take a photo tour of the upscale Italian eatery, opening October 5 on Broadway.

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On the to-go tip

Cafe Lago’s $100 Take-Home Lasagne

The Montlake restaurant has been doing a 10-person takeout tray for years. Who knew?

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Vito’s

Forget your workaday worries and settle in with a strong drink at this sexy-seedy First Hill Lounge.

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Happy Hour

Cafe Lago and Its $4 Happy Hour Menu

Beer, wine, gnocchi alla bava: these things cost $4.

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Varro, an All-Day Italian Bar, Opens in October (Maybe November) on Capitol Hill

You likah the Italian restaurant? Bene, here’s another one.

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Happy Hour Spotlight: Panevino

Five-dollar spaghetti and $3 wine at a new pasta place on Broadway.

New in West Seattle

Positive Early Notices on Revo

Word on the street: Try the Tiramisu

Wait Watchers

No-Nonsense Service at Barolo

Give that Rose a raise

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