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Thumbnail for - Pedestrian Chronicles: Finding Public Spaces in the Snow
Feb 24, 2014
Pedestrian Chronicles
New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians are putting the polar vortex to green use.
Thumbnail for - Queen Anne's Got A Connection Problem
Oct 21, 2010
Queen Anne's inter-neighborhood connectivity is getting a boost this week thanks to a new bike lane and sharrows on Taylor Ave. However, if you want leave the neighborhood by bike and head toward...
Thumbnail for - Bike Lanes And Sharrows Bound For Queen Anne This Week
Oct 20, 2010
Thanks to its daunting topography, Queen Anne offers very few bike routes feasible for your everyday, mortal bicyclist. But, one of those rare rideable routes, Taylor Ave, is getting some much...
Thumbnail for - SDOT Proposes Maple Leaf Bike Lanes, Parking Removal
Jul 9, 2010
BikeNerd's starting to sound like a broken record—in a good way. The city proposes another road diet, this one for Roosevelt Way NE.
Thumbnail for - More Righteous Advocates. Please?
Jun 30, 2010
With so many problems plaguing bicyclists, it can be tough to decide where to draw the line and fight. Bike Nerd is convinced that vehicles parked in bike lanes is one of those lines.
Thumbnail for - By 2040 Cycling Will Be Easy ... Sort of
Mar 10, 2010
If all goes according to plan, in a mere 30 years you might be able to ride a contiguous loop of bike paths around Lake Union, ride across the 520 bridge on your bike, and even ride all the way...