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Thumbnail for - One Question for Mike O'Brien on Incentive Zoning
Feb 18, 2014
One Question
Mike O'Brien says the new data suggest it's time to "reevaluate" incentive zoning, but maintains that the anecdotes he hears tell a different story.
Thumbnail for - Isn't it Weird That: Incentive Zoning Edition
Feb 17, 2014
A weird thing we've noticed about the city's incentive zoning policy to spur affordable housing.
Thumbnail for - Friday Afternoon Fizz: McGinn vs. FOX, SLU vs. Downtown, and More
Aug 23, 2013
City Hall
Late-Friday Afternoon Fizz featuring Cascade Bicycle Club, McGinn on FOX, and affordable housing downtown.
Thumbnail for - Incentive Zoning Is Not the Answer
Mar 18, 2013
Cola op/ed contributor Roger Valdez argues that incentive zoning—greater density in exchange for more affordable housing—is not an affordability panacea.
Thumbnail for - Isn't it Weird That...
Dec 6, 2012
Three weird things about: Incentive zoning, the state senate, and campaign speeches.