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Drinking Holidays

St. Patrick's Day Goings-On: From Refined to Rowdy

Whether you prefer shotgunning green beers or savoring 25-year whiskey, we'll tell you where to toast the Emerald Isle.

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Favorite Things

Favorite Things: Hollywood Tavern Chef Brian O'Connor

Joshua Henderson's culinary lieutenant would like a new Harley. But he'll settle for a smoked huckleberry saison.

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Woodinville Roadhouse

Skillet founder Josh Henderson opens the Hollywood Tavern, right in the middle of somewhere.

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Shifts and Shakeups

This Week in Restaurant News: More Pho Less Gluten

Basically a slew of new places opened this week.

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Shifts and Shakeups

This Week in Restaurant News: Whiskies, Tequilas, Mimosas, and More

Ma'ono expands brunch, Panos Kleftiko closes, and Hollywood Tavern has an opening date.

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Dive Bar, Meet Grown-Up Food

5 Reasons to Get Excited About the Hollywood Tavern

Have some whiskey...by the firepit, in a cocktail, or as a chaser to some soft serve.

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News Feed

Dining news dispatches from around the city

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These Are a Few of My...

Favorite Things: Hollywood Tavern's Angie Roberts

Banned from her kitchen: genetically modified foods, bad attitudes, and chili pepper pants.

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Joint Ventures

Woodinville Whiskey and the Hollywood Tavern Join Forces

One of the state's best-known distilleries is setting up shop at the historic roadside tavern.

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Dine Country

Five New(ish) Places to Dine in Woodinville

Suddenly wine-tasting country is full of new spots.

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