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Retail Relocations

Madrona on the Move: New Homes for Hitchcock Madrona and Hammer and Awl

Madrona has a fresh face with two airy new storefronts from some of our favorite staple boutiques.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 04/16/2015
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Fall Fashion 2014

Seattle Fall Fashion 2014 at the Frye Art Museum

This month the Frye Art Museum moves a crowd-curated collection of master works into the main galleries. What future classics will you exhibit this season?

  • By April Brimer and Laura Cassidy
  • Published 09/15/2014
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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Item of the Moment: Weston Earth Images Journal

All the elements of a perfect, on-trend gift (for yourself or the bridal party) are at Hitchcock Madrona: digital prints, pure silk, handmade quality, and rare gemstones.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 03/19/2014
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The Dark Side

Paint it Black: Northwest Designers in NYC's Bunch Magazine

Looking for twee Portlandians and the wooly urban woodsmen archetype? Not here. This is a different side of style from Seattle, Portland, and B.C.

  • By Elizabeth Rudge and Laura Cassidy
  • Published 12/27/2013
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Tis the Season

On Location at the Sorrento Hotel for Holiday Style: Life's Rich Pageant

Take the historical perspective of an iconic Seattle landmark and add extravagance, mystery, and shine—and a few new elements of holiday style—and you've got the makings of a memorable party season.

  • By Kaija Towner, Annie Murphy, Andrew Swanson, Amanda Zurita, and Laura Cassidy
  • Published 12/02/2013
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The Rugged Gentleman

New! Hammer and Awl in Madrona

The chicest little shopping neighborhood in Seattle gets a masculine update in the form of a men's accessories and lifestyle shop.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 10/08/2013
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Fall into the Square

Video: Behind the Scenes at Fall Fashion

Go behind the scenes with style editor Laura Cassidy and her team as Seattle photographer Elizabeth Rudge captures images for the October issue's fall fashion feature.

  • By Avi Loud
  • Published 09/20/2013
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Local Style Armor

Trunk Show: Faris at Hitchcock Madrona

Bold, edgy, modern designs from Seattleite Faris Du Graf at Madrona's favorite jewelery shop, Hitchcock, on August 22.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 08/15/2013
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What to Wear Now

Summer Fashion: What a Trip

We took suitcases full of summer and pre-fall styles from Seattle to LA to show how good our summer looks fare in an even hotter climate.

  • By Elizabeth Rudge, Kirby Ellis, and Laura Cassidy
  • Published 07/11/2013
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Store Opening

New! Davenport in Madrona

Dustin Nelson and Erica Nelson-Sheehan of Hitchcock Madrona are purveyors of excellent jewelry and accessories (and atmosphere); now they're launching Davenport for your home and gift needs. (And wants.)

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 05/06/2013
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Shop It

Trunk Show: Harriet McNamara

Hitchcock Madrona hosts the avant garde jeweler and her newest collection of found-object creations.

  • By Anna Chatilo
  • Published 02/28/2013
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Retail Open House

You’re Invited: Hitchcock Madrona

The favorited fashion jewelry accessories shop wants to show you what’s in store for spring.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 01/30/2012
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Gift Guide '11

Give It Up: Etro Fragrances

Designer scents go a long way.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 12/23/2011
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More Madrona Shopping [Updated]

Some of our favorite things around the area of Union and 34th Street.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 04/22/2011
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Trunk Show: Subversive Jewelry

Hitchcock welcomes the leaders in eco-lux accessories, and you, on July 16-18

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 07/12/2010
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