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New Guide to Washington Beer

The Beering of Ballard

A surfeit of industrial space near a large population that likes to drink local has created a legit brewery district.

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Shifts & Shakeups

This Week In Restaurant News: (Mostly) New and Shiny

Cafe Nordo finally settles down, Von Trapp's gets renamed, and you can now get your Hilliard's beer with biscuits, for brunch.

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Morning Matters

Hilliard's Beer Adds Brunch

And it's not just beer for breakfast and lunch; Danielle Custer's new Biscuit Box will be there, serving up biscuits and shortcake.

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Hopped Up

Ballard Beer Company Opens Thursday (In, Uh, Ballard)

A bar dedicated purely to breweries in one neighborhood? In Seattle, that only makes perfect sense.

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Slide Show: PoP Some Tops for Plymouth

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Go Hawks

This Week in Happy Hour: 6 More Places to Watch the Seahawks

And one of them has a 50-foot screen.

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Hilliard's 12th Can: Still a Thing

Hilliard's 12th Can beer is still scoring with fans all over Seattle.

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Warmin’ Up in Here

The Winter Mobile Feast Returns Early This Year

Food trucks are readying the $5 bites, while brewers prepare their winter seasonals.

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Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Seahawks Edition

Here are your game day specials, from 12th-man beer cans, bloody Mary bars, and maybe an actual happy hour or two.

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The Seahawks 12th Man Gets Its Own Beer

Hilliard's has issued a pale ale, perfect fuel for cheering your brains out.

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Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups: Week of July 29

Cupcakes at Husky Stadium, a grilled cheese food truck leaves Seattle, and a busy week of openings.

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This is a Real Thing

Why, Yes—Redhook and Hilliard's Made a Beer Celebrating Legalized Marijuana

It's called Joint Effort Ale. Brace yourself for wordplay.

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Trucks + Taps

Here's Where You Can Find Renee Erickson's Narwhal Food Truck this Weekend

Hilliard's Beer is hosting the Narwhal this Sunday. Which means you can eat in a very stylish taproom with a beer in your hand.

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Sustainable Style

Go See: Upcycle Seattle

From recycled bike tubes to 520 bridge pontoons, Upcycle Seattle features some of the city's greenest designers.

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Tasting Room Test: Hilliard’s Beer

It’s light, it’s lovely, and good beers are just $4.

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Seattle Beer News

Hilliard’s Beer Delays Opening Date

The all-cans-all-the-time Ballard brewery won’t open on the 17th as previously planned.

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Seattle Beer

An Opening Date for Ballard Brewery Hilliard’s

The bottle-eschewing brewsky operation reveals itself on September 17th. Get ready to crack a can.

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Seattle Beer

Almost In the Can: New Ballard Brewery Hilliard’s Will Start Selling Beer in September

Don’t expect any bottles.

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