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Thumbnail for - High 5 Pie's Cherry Pie–Baking Contest Returns
Jun 19, 2013
Tastes so good, make a grown man cry.
Thumbnail for - ANTI Valentine's Day Events: "Flying Solo"
Feb 13, 2013
Love, Love, Love
These local joints invite you to eat, drink, and be bitter.
Thumbnail for - War and Piece: An Epic List of Thanksgiving Pie Purveyors
Nov 8, 2012
Thanksgiving 2012
The last part of the meal is also the easiest to outsource. Here, a massive list of where to preorder your pie.
Thumbnail for - Neighborhood Food News: Late-Night Eats in Fremont and Capitol Hill, Takeaway Tacos in Wallingford
Jun 27, 2012
Food News Roundup
BELLTOWNSeattle PI clears the air regarding some food truck hearsay. Turns out the owners of the empty lot on Second and Wall have plans for residential towers and will not establish a food truck...
Thumbnail for - Nosh Pit Weekly Planner
Jun 18, 2012
Food and Drink Events
WEDNESDAY June 20Summer Solstice Pig Roast If scoping the naked folks in Fremont last weekend wasn’t the way you wanted to celebrate the summer solstice, here’s an alternative: Fresh Bistro is...
Thumbnail for - Neighborhood Food News
Jun 13, 2012
Food News Roundup
CAPITOL HILL A patron at High 5 Pie saved the day by catching up with an empty truck that rolled through a busy intersection, says Capitol Hill Seattle blog. The man darted out from the pie shop...
Thumbnail for - High 5 Pie Launches Late-Night Window
Jun 13, 2012
Midnight Munchies
They may not always take off, but late-night menus are kind of a no-brainer for Capitol Hill, that bastion of bar time activity. The latest to get in the game: High 5 Pie. "It’s going to be...
Thumbnail for - St. Patrick’s Day: It’s About Food, Too
Mar 13, 2012
St. Patrick's Day 2012
While St. Patrick’s Day has traditionally been an occasion for liver abuse here in the United States, it should be known that the Irish brought much more to our culinary palates than the taste of...
Thumbnail for - Check Out the Cover of Dani Cone’s Cutie Pies
Aug 11, 2011
Home Cooking
That Dani Cone cookbook Nosh told you about in December is almost ready for release. The collection of recipes for sweet-and-savory pies of all kinds—hand pies, mini pies, deep-dish pies,...
Thumbnail for - High 5 Pie Now Serving Shakes
Jun 17, 2011
Pairing ice cream with pie is not a novel idea—what’s a slice of apple without a melty scoop to boot?—but blending the two, that’s something new. At least it is in this city, where pie comes on a...
Listing 1 - 10 of 15 Results