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Thumbnail for - Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour’s First Giant Jenga Tournament
Feb 18, 2014
Game On
Your happy hour is nothing without giant, unstable towers made of wood.
Thumbnail for - This Week in Happy Hour: Summer Gaming Edition
Aug 15, 2013
Happy Hour
Don't think about autumn just yet. Celebrate the last weeks of summer with games and beer.
Thumbnail for - Play Mamet Mad Libs
Jan 9, 2013
Theater Preview
It's the world's most profane game.
Thumbnail for - Last Night
Apr 17, 2010
PubliCola Adds Life
Last night, I watched some of Seattle's most successful geeks face off in a 14-man ping-pong showdown. Penny Arcade, the hometown gaming empire responsible for the Child's Play charity and the...
Thumbnail for - Xbox Christmas. Believe the Hype.
Apr 15, 2010
I'm silly about Microsoft's new motion-sensing gizmo coming to the Xbox 360 this Christmas season, but it's been a pain getting friends to understand my excitement. So far, Project Natal (not the...
Thumbnail for - The Most Elegant Netflix Ever
Apr 13, 2010
Until someone releases a toaster that streams movies, I can't really say Netflix works on every gizmo on the planet. But it sure feels that way. Yesterday, the long list of TiVos, Blu-ray...
Thumbnail for - Unmoved by PlayStation Move
Apr 9, 2010
I'm standing in a small crowd at Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill, and a Sony game designer hands me two wireless remotes with glowing, colored bulbs at each tip. He points me toward a boxing game,...
Thumbnail for - Last Night
Apr 6, 2010
Last Night
While making dinner and watching deleted scenes from the film Bottle Rocket last night, I left a live video stream running on my bedroom computer. Somewhere around 10:00 p.m., cheers and applause...
Thumbnail for - The Viral Effect at SakuraCon
Apr 5, 2010
Geeky as I am, I draw the line at anime. So I've never attended SakuraCon, Seattle's annual expo dedicated to the world of Japanese cartoons. But this weekend, a friend had an extra pass, so I...
Thumbnail for - Nintendo's Latest Cash-Grab Product: The DSi XL
Apr 3, 2010
While everybody else was cooing about the iPad, I took a moment yesterday to test another "new because it's bigger" gizmo. Size Comparison: old DSi (L), new DSi XL (R) The Nintendo DSi XL is...
Listing 1 - 10 of 47 Results