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Morning Fizz

Unfazed by GOP Gains

Caffeinated News featuring diversity, the NSA, and leadership.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 11/19/2014
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Election 2014

What Do the Progressive I-594 Vote and Democratic Losses in the House Have in Common?

Will conservative Democrats be the new power brokers in the state house?

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 11/06/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Obliviously

Our Friday morning Likes & Dislikes

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 09/12/2014
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Seattle Seahawks

How Well Do Our Politicians Really Know the Seahawks?

Harrell scores. Murray. Not so much.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 09/02/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Executed in Front of the Gum Wall

How we really feel about this week.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 08/08/2014
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Afternoon Jolt

Tuesday Jolt: Chopp Gets Big Union Endorsement

The day's winners and losers.

  • By Afternoon Jolt
  • Published 07/15/2014
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Unions ask City Attorney to Separate Pre-K Funding Measures

Both measures will make the ballot, but will they be in competition?

  • By Casey Jaywork
  • Published 07/10/2014
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One Question

One Question for House Speaker Frank Chopp

About this whole Socialist Alternative thing...

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 05/23/2014
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Extra Fizz

Extra Fizz: 37th Endorsements and 43rd Announcements

Extra Fizz on two Seattle legislative districts. Plus, the future of 15Now.

  • By Erica C. Barnett and Josh Feit
  • Published 05/20/2014
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One Question

One Question for This Weekend's Legislative Town Halls

Suggested line of questioning for your state house legislators.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 02/20/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Free to Bring Up Those Issues

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring text messages, Whole Foods, diversity, and an olive branch.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 12/18/2013
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Speaker Chopp Weighs in on Port Controversy

Speaker of the House Frank Chopp asks the Port to review Port CEO Yoshitani's dual role at the Port and on a private shipping company board.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 09/05/2012
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Thursday Jolt: A "Socialist Alternative" for the 43rd

The day's winners and losers.

  • By Afternoon Jolt
  • Published 08/30/2012
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On Other Blogs

On Other Blogs Today: Socialism, Taxes, and Transit

Our daily roundup.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 08/28/2012
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Jolt: Chopp, Miloscia Snubbed by Labor Council Over Pension Vote, Social Issues Respectively

  • By Afternoon Jolt
  • Published 05/07/2012
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This Washington

AWB to Chopp: We're Watching You

The state business lobby sends Democratic leadership a stern letter as a batch of liberal bills took center stage today.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 02/29/2012
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This Washington

State Could Create Its Own Bank

State Democrats propose the creation of a state bank.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 01/16/2012

This Washington

House Speaker Chopp: Open to Suspending 2/3 Rule Again

On KUOW, House speaker Frank Chopp indicates he'd be open to suspending the two-thirds rule to raise taxes in the upcoming legislative session.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 09/02/2011
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This Washington

State Rep: Overruns Provision Would Have Died if Chopp Hadn't Pushed It

Conventional wisdom that tunnel legislation wouldn't have passed without Frank Chopp's language putting Seattle on the hook for cost overruns is wrong, a house transportation leader says.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 07/22/2010
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City Hall

Overruns Provision Was "All Chopp," State Legislators Say

In a cheesy political move, Speaker of the House Frank Chopp suddenly says overruns provision wasn't his. State legislators beg to differ. THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH COMMENTS FROM STATE SEN. ED MURRAY, THE AUTHOR OF THE TUNNEL BILL ON THE SENATE SIDE

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 07/21/2010
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