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Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Tini Bigs Chef Chris Gabel
Sep 10, 2014
These Are a Few of My...
He might be well versed in exotic fish, but Tini Bigs's new chef prefers a bowl of chili over pretty much everything else.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: JuiceBox Chef Geneva Melby
Jul 23, 2014
These Are a Few of My...
She might have been a botanist or farmer if the kitchen hadn't come calling.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: MistralKitchen's Tiffany Gilmore
Jul 9, 2014
These Are a Few of My...
On the job, she favors balance over cloying sweetness. After hours, she's all about gummy bears and Doritos.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Hollywood Tavern Chef Brian O'Connor
Jun 27, 2014
Favorite Things
Joshua Henderson's culinary lieutenant would like a new Harley. But he'll settle for a smoked huckleberry saison.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Brimmer and Heeltap's Lieu Hoang
Jun 2, 2014
These Are a Few Of My...
She ditched business school to cook. At some pretty spectacular restaurants.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Radiator Whiskey's Josh Nebe
May 23, 2014
Favorite Things
And his thoughts on sausages and ballers.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Skillet Diner Chef Nick Novello
Apr 21, 2014
These Are a Few of My...
The man manning the skillet at Skillet digs doughnuts, monstrous breakfast sandwiches, and pho. He's not really into knocking pelvises.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Revel Sous Chef Mark Schroder
Mar 11, 2014
These Are a Few of My...
The man who will be chef de cuisine at Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's new place on Capitol Hill has a complicated relationship with nettles.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Gourmondo's Tom Black
Feb 4, 2014
These Are a Few of My...
Pride and Hershey's chocolate syrup: good. Grapefruit and black pepper: bad.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Altstadt's James Pech
Dec 30, 2013
These Are a Few of My...
The perfect breakfast burrito? "Good tortillas, quality fresh eggs, and a hot sauce with some depth."
Listing 1 - 10 of 44 Results