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Murray Wins Over Fire Fighters Union

Murray adds another union endorsement to his list: the Seattle Fire Fighters Union.

  • 09/09/2013
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PubliCola Picks: "Yes" on the Seattle School Levies

PubliCola picks "yes" on two Seattle school levies for the February 12 election.

  • 01/23/2013
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PubliCola Picks

PubliCola Picks No on Charter Schools

Our final batch of endorsements. Some no-brainers (vote for Cantwell) and some big issues: Reject I-1240.

  • 10/29/2012
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PubliCola Picks

PubliCola Picks Noel Frame and Sylvester Cann. And Jay Inslee.

We urge you to vote for two young Democrats.

  • 10/19/2012
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PubliCola Picks

PubliCola Picks Yes on King County Prop 1 and Seattle Prop 1 (and Reject I-1185)

PubliCola picks: Yes on King County and Seattle Props. 1.

  • 10/18/2012
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PubliCola Picks

PubliCola Picks Jessyn Farrell

Go with the green in the 46th.

  • 10/17/2012
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PubliCola Picks

Vote for Finkbeiner, Wyman, Watkins, and Ferguson

We urge you to vote for three Republicans and one Democrat.

  • 10/16/2012
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Election 2012

Reject 8221. Approve 8223. And a Round of Applause Please for Ending the Big Bank Loophole

We say vote No on 8221 and vote Yes on 8823. Plus: A round of applause please for ending the big bank loophole.

  • 10/15/2012


Campaign Fizz: Endorsements, Questionnaires, and Fact Checking

Your one-stop shop for today's local campaign news, gossip, and analysis.

  • 10/17/2011


Extra Campaign Fizz: MDC Backs, Will Raise Funds For, School Board Challengers

Local Democratic group makes its endorsements for the November election, plans fundraiser for all four school board challengers.

  • 09/28/2011


Campaign Fizz: KC Labor Committee Recommends Republican Hague

Your one-stop shop for today's local campaign news, gossip, and analysis.

  • 09/22/2011


Campaign Fizz: Enviros Against Godden, Developers for Car Tabs

Your one-stop shop for today's campaign news, gossip, and analysis.

  • 09/19/2011
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Campaign Fizz: Endorsements Galore!

The day's local campaign roundup.

  • 08/03/2011
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Afternoon Jolt: The Seattle Channel

The day's winners and losers.

  • 06/15/2011
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PubliCola Picks Charlie Wiggins for State Supreme Court Position 6

Behind Richard Sanders' libertarian streak—for marijuana use, for gun rights, and for strict penalties against officials who violate public disclosure laws—are some standard-issue hard-right positions that contradict his fight for personal freedom.

  • 07/28/2010
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This Washington

Simpson Endorsers Waiting for More Facts to Emerge in Domestic Violence Case

In the wake of the news the state Rep. Geoff Simpson has been charged a second time with domestic violence, local progressive groups that have endorsed Simpson discuss their positions on his reelection campaign.

  • 07/13/2010

City Hall

Extra Fizz: Firefighters Issue Early Endorsements

  • 06/02/2010


PubliCola Endorses Sherril Huff for Elections Director

  • 02/03/2009
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