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This Washington

Low Turnout and the New Malaise

Turnout nears 35-year low.

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Election 2014

Are Later (Younger) Voters Better Informed Than Early Voters?

With each successive batch, the Prop 1B vote keeps gets a stronger and stronger showing.

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Election 2014

What Do the Progressive I-594 Vote and Democratic Losses in the House Have in Common?

Will conservative Democrats be the new power brokers in the state house?

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Election 2014

Election Night Winners & Losers

Caffeinated News featuring: Ed Murray, Nick Hanauer, Microsoft, Unfunded Mandates, and more.

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Election 2014

Transit Funding, Preschool Funding, and Gun Control Winning

Election Results

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Election 2014

Will Washington Voters Make History Tonight?

A list of this evening's Election Night parties, including one that might make history.

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Morning Fizz

"No, I Don't Live with My Parents"

Caffeinated news featuring last-minute campaign videos and loopy campaign videos.

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Polling from Key Washington Districts Spells Bad News for Democrats

Obama and Inslee numbers in 28th, 42nd, and 45th, don't bode well for Democratic hopes.

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Election 2014

Is a Democratic Surprise Brewing in This Washington?

The popular gun control initiative may explain surprising Democratic turnout numbers so far.

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Afternoon Jolt

Afternoon Jolt: The Sen. Andy Hill Version

The day's winners and losers.

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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Council Skeptical of $1.07 Billion Waterfront Project (LIKE); Celis in Bike Gear (DISLIKE)

Caffeinated News featuring our weekly LIKES and DISLIKES

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Afternoon Jolt

Prop 1A Accuses Competing Preschool Measure of Having Conservative Donors

The union-backed Prop 1A campaign says city's preschool measure is funded by supporters of charter schools.

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Election 2014

The Living Voters Guide

A non-partisan look at this year's ballot.

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Afternoon Jolt

Afternoon Jolt: Celis Campaign Doubles Down on Gender Stereotypes

The day's winners, losers, nerds, and great communicators.

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2014 Election

The New Malaise. Poll: Voters "Not Happy, But Also Not Very Engaged."

Washington malaise

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Election 2014

Despite Extra Money to Dahlquist, KCGOP says They Don't Favor GOP Rep. in Race Against Republican Sen. Roach

Eastern Washington Roach Rival, Republican Sen. Hewitt gives $2,500 to KCGOP

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PubliCalendar: Stay Informed and Win Arguments

Today's picks for civic nerds

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PubliCalendar: A (Civic) Party in Maple Leaf

Today's picks for civic nerds

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One Question

One Question for Metro Head Kevin Desmond

One question about Metro's financial status for Metro GM Kevin Desmond.

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Guest Op/Ed

Creating High Quality Preschool

Here's why the Seattle YMCA and Washington state Head Start support Prop. 1B.

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