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Sunrumbottles tncapg

Distillery Report

Sun Liquor Has Produced a Rum

And hardly anyone knows it yet.

Letterpress distilling nn1bma

Still Life

New from Letterpress: Limoncello

For years Skip Tognetti has made his own lemon liqueur. Now it's time to try it.

Brovo spirits amaro adq6yw

Still Life

Seven Local Bartenders, Seven Types of Amaro

A botched batch of rhubarb liqueur inspires BroVo Spirits to dabble in the Italian digestif.

Sun liquor distillery bitters gdfmoh

Still Life

An Abundance of New Local Liquors

Seattle distilleries are bringing the booze this new year—and branching out beyond their typical repertoire. Here's a sampling of what's in the works.

Drip rain city spirits yn64vo

Still Life

Rain City Spirits Releases a Coffee Liqueur: Drip

It's similar to Kahlua but—thanks goodness—without the cloying sweetness.

Raincity lz4amq

Still Life

Nine New Craft Distilleries to Watch

Gird your liver—here are more local spirits for you to drink.

Captivespirits colella web  1 of 10  q2yrun

Still Life

A Visit to Ballard’s Captive Spirits

A local bartender and third-generation distiller must wait until June 1 to sell his Big Gin on site.

Rain city yfwsuv

Still Life

One to Watch For: Rain City Spirits

The local nanodistiller is raring to release its vodka.

Aquavit pgkk3h

Still Life

Sound Spirits Takes On Aquavit

Coming soon to Interbay: Scandinavia’s water of life.

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Still Life

Letterpress Distilling Readies SoDo Facility

The small batch spirit maker will produce limoncello, vodka, and gin to start.

Captive spirits label mms3u4

Still Life

Introducing Captive Spirits, Ballard’s New Microdistillery

Big Gin, a particularly vibrant juniper juice, will be available in March.

Hotpeppervodka jhymq2

Still Life

Released: Oola’s Hot Pepper Vodka

An early cold snap means an extra-limited supply.

Fremont mischief zfmf3i

Distillery Watch

Fremont Mischief Brings a Playful-Yet-Serious Spirit to the Ship Canal Corridor

Are you sick of the puns yet?

Ginshelves p1miqz

Distillery Watch

Oola Distillery Wins Triple Gold in MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Oola gin and Dry Fly whiskey win big in California-based spirits competition for small brands.

Sun liquor hedge trimmer uynzup

Booze News

Sun Liquor Spirits: An Addendum

Will bottles be retailed at the distillery on Pike Street? Definitely maybe.

Sun liquor hedge trimmer ysbjsx

Booze News

You Can Now Consume Sun Liquor Gin and Vodka

Try the long-awaited spirits at either of Sun’s Capitol Hill bars.

Img 2832 nb6ual

Distillery Watch

A First Taste of Sun Liquor Gin

The distillery’s signature spirit—Hedge Trimmer—is just about to be bottled.

Shhh df6iah

Distillery Watch

Revealed: First Chance to Try Spirits from Mystery-Shrouded Fremont Mischief

The secrecy-loving distillery shares a little info.

Dry fly bourbon bottle 87kb cldan0

Distillery Watch

Dry Fly About to Release Washington’s First Bourbon

Production is extremely limited, here’s how to get your hands on it.

Sidetrack jts2qi

Distillery Watch

Sidetrack Distillery Opens Saturday

The tasting room will also be pouring on the Fourth.

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