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Thumbnail for - Lady Yum Macaron Shop Opens This Week in Kirkland
Jul 15, 2014
Macarons meet wine at this Parisian-style cafe.
Thumbnail for - Seattle Is Sweet on Momofuku Milk Bar
Apr 17, 2012
On the Menu
Momofuku Milk Bar, David Chang’s sweets enterprise led by chef Christina Tosi, has a lot of fans. And while the Milk Bar’s five locations are all in Manhattan or Brooklyn, Tosi’s talents with all...
Thumbnail for - Truck Stop: Diane Skwiercz of Street Treats
Feb 14, 2012
Street Eatin'
No surprise here: Diane Skwiercz, owner of Street Treats, is a sucker for sugar. “Seriously, I can’t live without sweets. They’re my daily indulgence. I have at least a few treats every...
Thumbnail for - Valentine’s Day Desserts
Feb 9, 2012
Valentine's Day
  A la Mode A la Mode’s patriotic Star-Spangled Sour Cherry is reborn as the Sweetheart Cherry, underscored with almond and topped with a buttery crust of heart cutouts.When to order: A day ahead;...
Thumbnail for - Met List: Belgian Waffles
Jan 24, 2012
Where to go for Belgium’s signature treat.
Thumbnail for - Macarons Versus Macaroons: What’s the Deal?
Nov 28, 2011
Sweet Talk
Several weeks ago Nosh Pit ran the results from a macaron taste test. The post prompted head scratching from some readers and colleagues. Aren’t macarons little coconut mounds?, they wondered. In...
Thumbnail for - Seattle Met Taste Test: Macarons
Nov 8, 2011
Taste Tests
  By Stephanie Rubesh and Christopher Werner No, not the coconut heaps (those are spelled with two Os). We’re talking about macarons, the French pastries the color of Easter popping up in pastry...
Thumbnail for - New Food Truck: Sweet Wheels, Specializing in Ice Cream Sandwiches
Oct 10, 2011
Street Eatin'
For the past year or so Street Treats has served as the go-to for sweet teeth. Now arrives another desserts mobile. The family-run Sweet Wheels —bright pink, can’t miss it—is parking on Second...
Thumbnail for - Today in Free Food: Street Treats Giving Out 100 Ice Cream Sandwiches
Aug 17, 2011
Free Food!
Update: Street Treats will be handing out the ice cream sandwiches at the corner of Terry and Lenora. Seen on Twitter: Word from roving bake sale Street Treats that it will give away 100 free ice...
Thumbnail for - Monsoon Plans a Pastry Program
Aug 12, 2011
Siblings Eric and Sophie Banh are currently hiring a baker to help realize their plans to start a pastry program at Monsoon, their Capitol Hill restaurant. “Both Sophie and I love savory and...
Listing 1 - 10 of 56 Results