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Thumbnail for - Painted Hills Burger at Restaurant Zoë
Dec 21, 2012
My Ten Favorite Dishes of 2012
A burger is Dish #6? You bet your smoked onion marmalade.
Thumbnail for - Oxtail at LloydMartin
Dec 20, 2012
My Ten Favorite Dishes of 2012
As in anything oxtail. That’s my dish #7.
Thumbnail for - Pan-seared Scallops with Beluga Lentils at Restaurant Bea
Dec 19, 2012
My Ten Favorite Dishes of 2012
Dish #8 combines culinary comfort and culinary smarts.
Thumbnail for - Tartines with Salt-Brined Zucchini and Goat Cheese at A La Bonne Franquette
Dec 18, 2012
My Ten Favorite Dishes of 2012
Dish #9: What eatin’ good in the neighborhood really looks like.
Thumbnail for - Bucatini Amatriciana at Rione XIII
Dec 17, 2012
My Ten Favorite Dishes of 2012
Dish #10 is one fine, feisty pasta.
Thumbnail for - What Vegetable is All Over Menus Right Now?
Sep 10, 2012
Critic's Notebook
Hint: You can find it with gnocchi, on pizza...even in dessert.
Thumbnail for - Bees Infest Local Restaurants!
Jul 16, 2012
Critic’s Notebook
This summer marks the first full year of beekeeping for the good folks at the Fairmont Olympic, who hired a bee consultant to help them set up five hives on the roof. Yes, a downtown Seattle...
Thumbnail for - Best Dessert Neighborhood: Ballard, Fremont, or Phinney?
Jul 9, 2012
Critic’s Notebook
Wandering along Phinney Ridge the other evening, I popped into A La Mode Pies and noted for the 300th time how genuinely exceptional its slices are: the Mexican Chocolate a pie of fine, dense...
Thumbnail for - Rooftop Dining in Seattle
Jul 2, 2012
Critic’s Notebook
It may be the only thing the Seattle Hard Rock Café has in common with Tamara Murphy’s global Capitol Hill sensation Terra Plata: They both seat diners up on the roof. Murphy’s star-swept Terra...
Thumbnail for - Why I Won’t Miss Elemental
Jun 25, 2012
Critic’s Notebook
No, it’s not that I didn’t like the eccentric proprietor Phred Westfall, who was after all witty, often charming, and an undeniable maestro of wine pairings. And it’s not that I didn’t see—though...
Listing 51 - 60 of 110 Results