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Thumbnail for - Welcome to Turkey Week
Nov 24, 2014
Critic's Notebook
What better way to celebrate than with chicken?
Thumbnail for - The Comfort Food Seattle Can’t Get Enough Of
Nov 20, 2014
Critic's Notebook
And the practical questions it raises.
Thumbnail for - The Restaurants That Changed Seattle
Nov 17, 2014
Critic's Notebook
In honor of Dahlia Lounge’s 25th birthday over the weekend, the critic names the game-changers.
Thumbnail for - The Prime Seattle Restaurant Neighborhood You May Be Overlooking
Nov 10, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Now if only we could do something about the parking.
Thumbnail for - Best New Restaurants of 2014
Nov 6, 2014
Critic's Notebook
It’s a surprising group this year, no doubt about it.
Thumbnail for - Cornell Researchers Show There Are “Skinny Tables” in Restaurants
Nov 3, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Just as you always suspected: It’s not your eating habits that make you fat, it’s where you sit when you go out to dinner.
Thumbnail for - 8 Great Seattle Cheap Dates
Oct 30, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Where does the restaurant critic go for date night when she and her fella are on their own dime?
Thumbnail for - Here’s Why You’re Happy It’s Monday
Oct 27, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Honestly, Seattle restaurants do such cool stuff on Mondays.
Thumbnail for - And the Seattle Met 2014 Restaurant of the Year Is…
Oct 21, 2014
Critic's Notebook
…just seriously great. Really.
Thumbnail for - 16 Dishes Trending Now on Seattle Menus
Oct 20, 2014
Critic's Notebook
What researching Seattle Met’s annual Best Restaurants issue revealed about pigs’ ears, eggplant puree, and Frito pie.
Listing 41 - 50 of 158 Results