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Critic's Notebook

Welcome to the Culinary Epicenter of Seattle

And what it’s like to open a restaurant there. Restaurant Marron’s Eric Sakai dishes.

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Announcing Seattle Met’s 2014 Secret Supper

It’ll be held at the best restaurant of the year, folks. You want to go to this.

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The Dining Variable You Never Think About

Sure there’s cuisine, atmosphere, wine list. But this variable is much likelier to determine whether or not you’ll enjoy a restaurant.

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The 10 Most Confusing Restaurants in Seattle

If you’ve been confounded in these joints, you’re so not alone.

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What Matt Dillon Really Thinks of Pioneer Square

So. Many. Restaurants.

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How to Name a Restaurant, Part II

The second most popular Seattle restaurant naming convention. Brought to you by Porky, Piglet, and Babe.

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What Do You Say When the Waiter Asks, “How is Everything?”

Reflections on the most loaded question in dining.

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How to Name a Restaurant

In Seattle these days, it couldn’t be easier. Check our handy formula!

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Portland vs. Seattle: Who’s Got the Biggest Badass Chef?

Find out tomorrow night when Jason Wilson of Miller’s Guild and Greg Denton of Portland’s Ox go mano a mano on Knife Fight.

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Critic's Notebook

Seattle Restaurants with the Best Wine Lists

Issue of Wine Spectator’s coveted awards hits newsstands tomorrow

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13 Juicy, Amazing, Downright Awesome Burgers that will Change Your Life

Literally. Ask Suzanne and Jack.

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The Five Rules of Outdoor Dining

It’s alfresco season, folks. Do you know how it’s done?

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Haunted Restaurants? Yeah, Seattle’s Got Those

(These ghosts may not be quite what you’re expecting.)

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Five Service Snafus We Never Used to See

Service is a different beast now than ever before. Here’s how I wish it weren’t.

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Where Does Ruth Reichl Eat When She Comes to Seattle?

A couple old faves…plus at least one joint where she really likes killing her own food.

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Can You Name the 12 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2013?

Tell you what, I’ll give you two for free.

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How I Chose the 50 Top Dishes of 2013

My highly scientific process, unveiled at last.

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Saddest Restaurant Closure This Year

Why this type of food took so many hits this year is, frankly, Greek to me.

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And Now…Seattle Met’s 2013 Restaurant of the Year!

Why I hate this award but love this place.

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Critic's Notebook

Will This News End Your Love Affair with Fries?

It might. Good thing we’ve got the slide show to revive it.

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