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Thumbnail for - I Went to Caprial Pence’s New Bookstore Bar
Dec 15, 2014
Critic's Notebook
And all I got was technical perfection
Thumbnail for - What’s the Deal at Quality Athletics?
Dec 11, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Apparently there’s some sort of football game in Pioneer Square this Sunday. You may be interested in the sports bar down the street.
Thumbnail for - Alicia Fusion Bistro Brings Vietnamese Food to Leschi
Dec 8, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Fusion’s tough to pull off. How’d they do?
Thumbnail for - Welcome to Turkey Week
Nov 24, 2014
Critic's Notebook
What better way to celebrate than with chicken?
Thumbnail for - The Comfort Food Seattle Can’t Get Enough Of
Nov 20, 2014
Critic's Notebook
And the practical questions it raises.
Thumbnail for - The Restaurants That Changed Seattle
Nov 17, 2014
Critic's Notebook
In honor of Dahlia Lounge’s 25th birthday over the weekend, the critic names the game-changers.
Thumbnail for - The Prime Seattle Restaurant Neighborhood You May Be Overlooking
Nov 10, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Now if only we could do something about the parking.
Thumbnail for - Best New Restaurants of 2014
Nov 6, 2014
Critic's Notebook
It’s a surprising group this year, no doubt about it.
Thumbnail for - Cornell Researchers Show There Are “Skinny Tables” in Restaurants
Nov 3, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Just as you always suspected: It’s not your eating habits that make you fat, it’s where you sit when you go out to dinner.
Thumbnail for - 8 Great Seattle Cheap Dates
Oct 30, 2014
Critic's Notebook
Where does the restaurant critic go for date night when she and her fella are on their own dime?
Listing 21 - 30 of 141 Results