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Critic's Notebook

Chef Changes at Mamnoon Signal “A Couple New Projects”

Melkonian moves into broader new role.

  • 07/06/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Is Shaker and Spear a “Seattle” Restaurant?

You know what I mean.

  • 07/02/2015
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Critic's Notebook

The Best Seattle Restaurants When It’s Hot Outside

Pssst: We are not talking patios here. This is better than patios.

  • 06/29/2015
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Critic's Notebook

The Back and Forth of Le Petit Cochon

The Fremont stunner kicks off both offal dinners and happy hours. Huh?

  • 06/22/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Here's the Thing About the Nachos at Cantina Leña

So bad....yet so very, very good

  • 06/18/2015
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Critic's Notebook

What Privilege Looks Like from a Restaurant Seat

Race and class privilege are top of mind these days, across the country and in “15Now” Seattle. So yeah, it’s uncomfortable when activity right outside a restaurant window reinforces one’s sense of the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots.

  • 06/15/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Which of Our Next Hot Chefs Got Fired?

And why it doesn’t matter

  • 06/11/2015
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Critic's Notebook

The 6 Most Craveable New Seattle Restaurant Dishes

Seriously, don’t even try these unless you want them in your dreams forever.

  • 06/08/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Tomorrow: Free Fries at Pike Street Fish Fry

Turns out people will spend a lot of money in the name of free.

  • 06/04/2015
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Critic's Notebook

It’s Baseball Week in Seattle: New Places to Eat in Pioneer Square

Amid lots of good bars, there’s only one Good Bar.

  • 06/01/2015
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Critic's Notebook

It’s the Party No Seattle Food Lover Should Miss

Partly because Seattle Met throws it. Mostly because the food will be astonishing.

  • 05/28/2015
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Critic's Notebook

What the Drought Will Mean at Your Dinner Table

It’s not just about expensive guac, folks…

  • 05/26/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Kurt Timmermeister, Dishing More Than Ice Cream

Seattle’s restless culinary entrepreneur has been a restaurateur, a farmer, a memoirist, a cheesemaker, and now an ice-cream artisan at Kurt Farm Shop in Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row. So…what is he best at?

  • 05/18/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Poulet Bleu Dinner at Copperleaf

Giving “tastes like chicken” all new meaning

  • 05/14/2015
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Critic's Notebook

How Well Do You Know Your Seattle Restaurants?

A quiz for serious gastronomes

  • 05/07/2015
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Critic's Notebook

This Neighborhood Is About to Get a Farmers Market

You were already a little jealous of this district. Now you’ll be going there on Saturdays.

  • 05/04/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Which Seattle Chef Will Cook at the Milan Expo?

The theme of this world’s fair is feeding the planet sustainably. Hint hint.

  • 04/30/2015
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Critic's Notebook

Seattle Restaurants with Lofts

Because there’s just something about dining upstairs.

  • 04/27/2015
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Critic's Notebook

By Far the Best Thing to Have with a Sandwich Is…

…running like a river through Mammoth on Eastlake.

  • 04/23/2015
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Critic's Notebook

What’s Your Food Fear?

C’mon, fess up. Everybody has one.

  • 04/20/2015
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