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Thumbnail for - More New Restaurants to Watch for In 2013
Jul 1, 2013
Midyear Reckoning
Beignets, bones, booze, and barnacles. We're just a little bit excited.
Thumbnail for - Beecher's Founder Kurt Dammeier Is a Busy Dude
Jun 4, 2013
Empire Building
He's planning two new restaurants, a patisserie, and maybe even his own line of meats.
Thumbnail for - Blind Pig Bistro Will Open a Casual Sibling Restaurant
Jun 3, 2013
Expansion Mode
It will serve lunch. And, eventually, cocktails.
Thumbnail for - Eureka Brings Burgers and an Intriguing Bar Program to U Village
May 31, 2013
Coming Soon
Forty taps, a collection of 21 small-batch American whiskeys, and Pappy Van Winkle? Guys, let's go to the mall.
Thumbnail for - Tom Douglas's New Places Open June 7 (Knock on Wood)
May 29, 2013
Empire Expansions
Assembly Hall in the Via 6 building will serve up coffee, fresh juice, ramen, baked goods, bacon-fried rice, and hash. You know...the usual.
Thumbnail for - Triumph Bar Is Coming to Queen Anne This Summer
May 28, 2013
Coming Soon
Don't call it a wine bar—but definitely come drink some wine here.
Thumbnail for - A Preview Dinner for Joshua Henderson's Westward
May 21, 2013
Coming Soon
A sneak peek at Zoi Antonitsas's water-inspired menu.
Thumbnail for - More Details on Barnacle, Renee Erickson's New Wine Bar
May 13, 2013
Coming Soon
Coming to the Kolstrand Building late this summer: reserve wines, aperitifs, and dishes that don't require a stove.
Thumbnail for - Jason Stratton Is Opening a Spanish Restaurant Called Aragona
May 13, 2013
Coming Soon
The chef behind Spinasse and Artusi strikes out in two new directions: Spain and downtown.
Thumbnail for - A New Bar (in Tacoma) from Chris Keil of 1022 South
May 6, 2013
Worth the Drive
"It’s going to be the kind of place where you can go and get a really fun, fancy drink and you might even be able to dance…maybe."
Listing 121 - 130 of 293 Results