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Thumbnail for - Honest Biscuits Will Open a Shop in Pike Place Market
Apr 13, 2015
Market Forces
Oh, happy, carb-filled day.
Thumbnail for - Yes, Meat and Bread Has Finally Arrived
Apr 13, 2015
Opening Dispatch
The Canadian sandwich phenom sets up shop on Capitol Hill.
Thumbnail for - Country Dough Will Bring Szechuan Street Food to Pike Place Market
Apr 9, 2015
Pancakes & Jubilation
Seattle's best-known Szechuan chef will make stuffed flatbreads known as guo kui.
Thumbnail for - It's Official: Kraken Congee Will Open in Pioneer Square
Mar 17, 2015
Brick & Mortar
In the former home of Little Uncle, to be precise.
Thumbnail for - Josh Henderson Is Opening a Ton of New Restaurants
Mar 17, 2015
From tacos to a brasserie to his own return to the kitchen. "It's a little bit obscene, to be honest."
Thumbnail for - Tom Douglas Will Open the Carlile Room Across from the Paramount
Mar 4, 2015
Coming Soon
Wine, cheese, rotisserie rib roast, and lots of love for Brandi Carlile
Thumbnail for - Renee Erickson Plans Two New Restaurants on Capitol Hill
Jan 14, 2015
Big Effing Deals
Beef, oysters, and surprises.
Thumbnail for - 20 Bars and Restaurants (and Bakeries) Opening in 2015
Jan 7, 2015
Quarterly Report
From french fries to fine dining
Thumbnail for - Tom Douglas's Cantina Leña Is Juuuust About Ready to Open
Nov 25, 2014
Opening Dispatch
Meat cooked in a fiery pit, plus handmade tortillas.
Thumbnail for - Seafood Bar Manolin Opens Soon on Stone Way
Nov 24, 2014
Sea Fare
Some things are raw. Others are wood-fired. All sound promising.
Listing 1 - 10 of 283 Results