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Seahawks mascot vebmam

Go Hawks!

The Internet’s Best Seahawks Cocktails

Fuel your Super Bowl party with Skittles-infused vodka and more.

  • By Sara Hendrickson
  • Published 01/28/2014
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Weekly Planner

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner: June 19–25

Tons of rosé, cooking with Jim Drohman, and a food bank-inspired culinary competition.

  • By Brianna Lantz
  • Published 06/17/2013
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Wine Wednesday

Gin, Pastis and Dead French People

Even more friendly competition ensues when winemakers start making up cocktails.

  • By Julie H. Case
  • Published 06/27/2012
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Imbibing Agenda

Upcoming Drinking Events: Ginger Bliss release party; Mezcaleria Oaxaca Opens

Plus: Boozing it up at Pike Place Market, oyster HH returns to Whole Foods.

  • Published 10/03/2011
Sylvia hotel vancouver upxwyr

Cocktail Recipes

Lessons from Tales Vancouver: the Vancouver Cocktail

A tasty drink named for the city where it was (probably) invented.

  • Published 03/17/2011
Redhook uhc2ii


Talk About a Cocktail: The Red Hook

Rye, Punt E Mes Vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur.

  • Published 02/01/2011
Frenchonion rip7qs


Snow Day Cooking!

Stuck at home? Stay warm (and sane) with delectable local dishes like braised pork belly and carrot-fennel soup.

  • By Jessica Voelker
  • Published 11/23/2010
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The Sauced Gulpable Gift Guide 2010

Gulpable Gift Guide Idea #1: Punch

David Wondrich’s new book is a no-brainer gift for booze lovers.

  • Published 11/16/2010
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Not Your Grandma’s Punch

Bartenders like Alison Sever of the Local Vine on Capitol Hill are rediscovering real sherry—the stuff made in the Jerez area of Andalusia, Spain. Here, her recipe for the Local Vine’s Bombay punch, perfect for a holiday party.

  • By Jessica Voelker
  • Published 11/15/2010
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How to Make Sangrita

Sangrita is an easy to prepare tequila chaser that I think you will enjoy.

  • Published 09/23/2010
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Cachaça, Easy on the C

A local couple would like to make the Brazilian sugar-cane spirit a household name in Seattle. First they have to teach us how to pronounce it.

  • Published 07/27/2010
Chariston 75 dy0gmo

Summer Drinking

Cocktail Recipe: Charleston 75

A Southern take on a French 75 from Kathy Casey

  • Published 06/16/2010
Death ez0iwr

Cocktail Contests

Local Bartender Wins Big Cocktail Competition

Evan Martin’s Death in the South Pacific is the official drink of Tales of the Cocktail 2010.

  • Published 04/01/2010
Uptown manhattan wpvwab

DIY Boozin

Make This: Homemade Maraschino Cherries.

A simple recipe for homemade maraschinos from Naga Lounge bar manager Mike McSorley

  • Published 03/22/2010
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Cocktails Recipes

Make Your Own Ginger Beer

Jamie Boudreau explains how to avoid unwanted explosions, offers up a cocktail recipe.

  • Published 03/11/2010
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Booze Musing

Do Cocktails Get a Free Pass on Weird?

I hope so.

  • Published 03/03/2010
A rose by any other name web rql2s5

Cocktail Recipes

Make this Drink: A Rose by Any Other Name from Canlis

Bar Manager James MacWilliams presents a new take on a 1930s classic from London.

  • Published 02/25/2010
Champ wrjvvy

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Drinking: Two Options

Meet the "cocktail psychic" or have a champagne cocktail.

  • Published 02/01/2010
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Mixology 101

The Haiti Cocktail at Liberty: What Is It?

Here’s what you are drinking when you order a "Haiti."

  • Published 01/22/2010
Silverbells ivmprg

Mixing Outside the Bar

Silver Bells: A Cocktail that Cures the Common Cold

or helps keep it at bay, at least.

  • By Jessica Voelker
  • Published 01/19/2010
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