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Thumbnail for - Tuesday Jolt: Paid Sick Leave (Mostly) a Success
Apr 22, 2014
City Hall
A new audit for the city concludes that most employers are offering paid sick leave, but not always as much as is required under the law passed in 2012.
Thumbnail for - Sawant Supports $15 Minimum Wage Vote as "Backup" if Deal Proves Unsatisfactory
Apr 18, 2014
City Hall
City council member Kshama Sawant supports a public vote on the $15 minimum wage if labor, business, and political leaders can't come to an agreement.
Thumbnail for - Licata Proposes Cutting Parks Ballot Measure
Apr 14, 2014
City Hall
City council member Nick Licata proposes cutting back a proposed parks ballot measure from $54 million to $38 million.
Thumbnail for - Business-Backed Group Forms to Push "Total Compensation" Option in $15 Min Wage Fight
Apr 10, 2014
City Hall
Another group announces its opposition to an across-the-board $15 minimum wage; opponents call it an "Astroturf" organization backed by big corporations.
Thumbnail for - Burgess Aide Who Took Out Ad in Times Says He's Not Running Against Godden
Apr 10, 2014
Election 2015
A Tim Burgess aide who paid for his own ad in the Seattle Times says he's not running against Jean Godden.
Thumbnail for - Extra Fizz: Pro-15 Now, Anti-15 Now Edition (Plus News from the Times)
Apr 7, 2014
City Hall
The campaign for a $15 minimum wage gets some new supporters—and detractors.
Thumbnail for - Main Street Alliance Says No Support for Specific Minimum-Wage Proposal
Apr 3, 2014
City Hall
A small-business group says they're waiting to see what the mayor's income advisory group comes up with before coming out formally in favor of a specific minimum-wage alternative.
Thumbnail for - The Politics (and Aesthetics) of Broadband
Apr 2, 2014
City Hall
Mayor Murray and Council Member Harrell pushing pilot project to upgrade broadband service.
Thumbnail for - The Seattle Process vs. The New York Minute
Mar 24, 2014
Power Lines
Former Bloomberg staffer Robert Feldstein is Mayor Murray's new policy director. Hope he likes consensus politics.
Thumbnail for - $15 Now Activists: Open to Compromise, But Not on Tip Credit
Mar 18, 2014
City Hall
Minimum-wage activists draw line in the sand at city council briefing.
Listing 1 - 10 of 994 Results