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Thumbnail for - First Look: Sweet Mickey’s
Jun 12, 2012
Sugar Highs
  Over the weekend, Randy Brinker opened Sweet Mickey’s, his absurdly adorable new candy shop on NW 57th Street in Ballard. As My Ballard reported recently, both the store and its name are...
Thumbnail for - Marisa Lown Plans New Candy Company
Feb 9, 2012
Sweet Talk
Last we heard from Marisa Lown she was gearing up to launch an allergy-friendly mobile bakery. Those plans are temporarily on hold, but Lown does have another exciting project in the pipeline:...
Thumbnail for - Seattle Food Blog Chain: Jessie Oleson
Jul 20, 2011
Blog to Blog
Here’s the deal with the Seattle Food Blog Chain: Nosh Pit spotlights a Seattle food blogger, and then asks that blogger to point us in the direction of another food blogger. Last week we talked...
Thumbnail for - Molly Moon’s Parks on Queen Anne
Jan 6, 2011
Street Eats
How bad do you want it, Queen Anne? The Molly Moon’s ice cream truck (or "Leo" as it (he?) is called) is now parking at 2231 Queen Anne Avenue North and will for the rest of the month. The sweets...
Thumbnail for - Japanese Sweet Shop To Open in the Central District
Oct 29, 2010
In just a few months Umai-do, (which means "delicious way"), the Japanese sweet shop from Seattle lifer Art Oki, will open at 1825 S Jackson Street. You may have read about Oki—who grew up...