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Thumbnail for - Glazer’s Camera Is Focused on the Future
Mar 1, 2014
As it prepares for a major two-year renovation, the 79-year-old photography store is prepping for a rebirth.
Thumbnail for - Council Approves New Rent Limits for Developer Tax Break
Feb 28, 2011
City Hall
The city council approves new, lower affordability limits for a developer tax break designed to spur private investment in affordable housing, but the limits don't go far enough, two council...
Thumbnail for - Economix: Rent, Don't Buy, In Seattle
Dec 23, 2010
On Other Blogs
A New York Times analysis of housing prices shows that, in Seattle, renting is a much better bet than buying.
Thumbnail for - Rowhouses and No Parking Requirements: Coming to Seattle!
Nov 30, 2010
City Hall
The city council prepares to adopt the first major changes to low-rise zoning in decades.
Thumbnail for - Business Community: No New Fees or Taxes, But We Still Want the Tunnel
Sep 28, 2010
City Hall
Representatives of the business community (including Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce spokesman George Allen, pictured) oppose new fees in Mayor Mike McGinn's proposed budget, suggest that the...
Thumbnail for - Anti-Growth Activists Get It Wrong on Job Density
Jul 8, 2010
City Hall
Two anti-growth activists argue against a different kind of density—job density. But moving jobs to the suburbs is not the "green" solution they claim it is.
Thumbnail for - A Local Treasure
Jun 21, 2010
Boeing is currently considering ending the legendary run of the 737 and replacing it with a brand new design—abandoning the strategy of continuously upgrading the jet. While the aviation press...
Thumbnail for - Microsoft Lays Out Regional Agenda
Jun 11, 2010
Brad Smith, Microsoft's General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Legal and Corporate Affairs, held court in a private dining room on the second floor of the Hotel Andra in downtown Seattle...
Thumbnail for - A Call for Boeing on Boeing Action
May 31, 2010
Since 2001, the Boeing/Airbus(t) drama surrounding the selection of the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) next airborne tanker has provided opportunities for even casual observers of the aerospace industry...
Thumbnail for - Open Letter to the Council: Take the Same Damn Risk You're Asking Us To Take
May 21, 2010
I love most of the folks on the City Council, know most of them personally, and supported many of them during their campaigns. And yet I'm totally baffled about why they support the deep-bore...
Listing 1 - 10 of 73 Results