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Thumbnail for - Gov. Inslee Proposes "Hold-Steady" and "Get-Ready" Budget
Dec 17, 2013
Budget News
Gov. Jay Inslee released a $33.8 billion supplemental budget today.
Thumbnail for - PubliCalendar: Minding Your Money, a Post-Carbon World and Interest-Free Finance
Mar 18, 2013
Today’s picks for civic nerds.
Thumbnail for - House Transportation Budget: $55 Million For Ferries, Maintenance, Transit
Feb 16, 2012
This Washington
House transportation leader unveils transportation budget proposal.
Thumbnail for - County Saves $61 Million in Lower Health Care Costs
Sep 20, 2011
King County Executive Dow Constantine offers some good budget news for once.
Thumbnail for - Health Care Workers Sue State Over Cuts
Dec 29, 2010
This Washington
Medicaid patients sue state in federal court. Ruling on restraining order against home care cuts could come this week.
Thumbnail for - McGinn's $13 Million Walk Bike Ride Plan Is More Equitable Than You Think
Oct 8, 2010
When Mayor Mike McGinn announced $13 million in alternative transportation funding in his otherwise bleak budget, he was decried as once again pandering to bicyclists at everyone's expense. A...
Thumbnail for - Mayor McGinn Talks Budget Cuts, Parks
Apr 28, 2010
At a press availability this afternoon, Mayor Mike McGinn says he does not regret supporting the 2008 parks levy despite the fact that it did not include funding for operations and maintenance of...
Thumbnail for - PubliCola TV: The 2010 State Budget. Conservative Version
Apr 16, 2010
This Washington
Editor's note: Lefty version here. PubliCola sat down with Paul Guppy, vice president for research at the Washington Policy Center, a conservative think tank in Seattle, about the the state budget...
Thumbnail for - Senate Proposes Sales Tax Increase
Feb 23, 2010
This Washington
The state Senate unveiled its budget this morning. It proposes $900 million in new revenue—$518 million in closing tax exemptions; a .3 percent temporary sales tax increase ($312 million); and an...
Thumbnail for - Democrats Get Ready to Defend Tax Increases
Feb 22, 2010
This Washington
Speaker of the House Frank Chopp in his office last Thursday, the day after House Democrats voted to suspend I-960. His caucus had an off-campus meeting later that night where they ate prime...
Listing 1 - 10 of 12 Results