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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Jewelry Designer Rachael Byers

From sharp lines to clever color, Rachael Byers's designs strike a balance between costume and fine jewelry.

  • By Aoife Reilly
  • Published 05/18/2015
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Meet the Maker

Behind the Scenes: Kathryn Elyse Fine Jewelry

Introducing the Seattle jewelry scene's freshest face and her beautiful collection.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 03/19/2015
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Knuckle Kiss

Local jewelry designer Angela Delarmente tackles a new creative inspiration every week this year.

  • By Jeremy Buben
  • Published 03/06/2015
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Behind the Scenes

Introducing Parfum Magnét

Find your signature scent with Liz Marley's new locally hand-blended perfume collection.

  • By Alyssa Volpigno
  • Published 02/12/2015
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Fresh Tangerine

With an eye for geometry and pops of color, Kim Kogane handcrafts simple, stackable jewelry from a cozy Pioneer Square studio.

  • By Conor Romack
  • Published 01/27/2015
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Dress Up

Closet Visit: Costuming for the Burlesque Nutcracker

We visited the closet of burlesque star Lily Verlaine to check out the new costumes for this year's Land of the Sweets.

  • By Jenni Moore and Amanda Zurita
  • Published 12/11/2014
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Getting to Know You

Behind the Scenes: Joanna Morgan Designs

The Polish-born jewelry designer shows us her Pioneer Square studio space.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 12/02/2014
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Pedal Pushers

Behind the Scenes: Greenlite Heavy Industries

Urban cyclist gear that falls higher on the fashion scale than head-to-toe Lycra, and it's made in Seattle.

  • By Emma Ranniger
  • Published 06/23/2014
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Clinton Hughes

Next time you're at the Fremont Sunday Market, keep an eye out for locally made street wear that feels both modern and timeless.

  • By Conor Romack
  • Published 06/03/2014
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Made in Seattle

Behind the Scenes: Carolina Wallin

Seattle, there is a Swedish-born former H&M designer living on your Hill and making colorfully bold accessories for you.

  • By Kirby Calvin and Laura Cassidy
  • Published 05/27/2014
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Up Close and Personal

Behind the Scenes: Meghann Sommer of Etcetera Jewelry

From the best local independents to that joint known as Anthro, her gem-strung necklaces are modern essentials.

  • By Kirby Calvin and Laura Cassidy
  • Published 05/05/2014
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Studio Visit

Behind the Scenes: Masha Osoianu

Local designer Masha Osoianu gives us an inside look into her gorgeous knitwear.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 04/24/2014
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Temper Jewelry

Seattle-based jewelry designer Jesse Morrow joins forces with Cambodian social enterprises to create fair trade accessories forged from the bullet casings and bombshells of a troubled history.

  • By Emma Ranniger
  • Published 04/07/2014
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Studio Visit

Behind the Scenes: Seattle Designer Reina Acab of Le Notre

It's no surprise that the modernist, minimal men's line comes from a modernist, minimal workspace.

  • By Laura Cassidy
  • Published 12/10/2013
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Rachel Ravitch

Inside Capitol Hill home and work studio of Seattle designer Rachel Ravitch.

  • By Kirby Ellis
  • Published 09/09/2013
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: White Space Jewelry

Go into the studio of local designer Khadjiah Fulton and her soon-to-be-classic collection of handcrafted bling.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 08/23/2013
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Scout Seattle

Ben Masters keeps design aesthetics top of mind with his outdoor equipment brand Scout Seattle. Got a dad who likes to hike in style?

  • By Kirby Ellis
  • Published 06/10/2013
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Sarah Loertscher

Jewelry designer, Sarah Loertscher, shows intricate structures made of simple lines on the runway with her stunning pieces.

  • By Julie Hamasaki
  • Published 04/25/2013
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Alial Fital

Former Seahawk Gibran Hamdan gets into the fashion game with his sportswear brand Alial Fital.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 03/22/2013
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Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Whitney Stern Jewelry

Local jeweler Whitney Stern's collection of delicate, globally influenced baubles is getting some big-name attention.

  • By Amanda Zurita
  • Published 03/12/2013
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