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Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Jewelry Designer Rachael Byers
May 18, 2015
Designer Spotlight
From sharp lines to clever color, Rachael Byers' designs strike a balance between costume and fine jewelry.
Thumbnail for - How We Got That Shot: Charissa Thompson
Apr 24, 2015
Behind the Scenes
When we booked Charissa Thompson, host of Fox Sports Live and cohost of Extra, for this month’s Quote Unquote, I knew immediately that we needed to work with John Keatley; his portraits make...
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Fresh Tangerine
Jan 27, 2015
Designer Spotlight
With an eye for geometry and pops of color, Kim Kogane handcrafts simple, stackable jewelry from a cozy Pioneer Square studio.
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Joanna Morgan Designs
Dec 2, 2014
Getting to Know You
The Polish-born jewelry designer shows us her Pioneer Square studio space.
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Seattle Met Holiday Gift Guide 2014
Nov 17, 2014
From the Mag
So nice we shot it twice.
Thumbnail for - Seahawks Superfan: Mr. Mohawk
Aug 18, 2014
Hair Up To There
Pity the poor fan with a seat in the shadow of Phil Andruss. Not because Andruss is six foot five and rarely sits down, although that does technically make the rows behind him “obstructed view.”...
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Greenlite Heavy Industries
Jun 23, 2014
Pedal Pushers
Urban cyclist gear that falls higher on the fashion scale than head-to-toe Lycra, and it's made in Seattle.
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Clinton Hughes
Jun 3, 2014
Designer Spotlight
Next time you're at the Fremont Sunday Market, keep an eye out for locally made street wear that feels both modern and timeless.
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Carolina Wallin
May 27, 2014
Made in Seattle
Seattle, there is a Swedish-born former H&M designer living on your Hill and making colorfully bold accessories for you.
Thumbnail for - Behind the Scenes: Meghann Sommer of Etcetera Jewelry
May 5, 2014
Up Close and Personal
From the best local independents to that joint known as Anthro, her gem-strung necklaces are modern essentials.
Listing 1 - 10 of 28 Results