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50 Years, 50 Fears

One woman’s quest to face her demons in one big scary year.

Broverwhelmed 1 izjlak

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Broverwhelmed: Gender Disparity in Seattle

Seattle’s got a glut of guys, with more on the way. The reactions of Seattle women? Not what you’d expect.

Wedding rings btunic


Surprise, You're Married!

Washington state’s marriage equality law magically transforms all registered domestic partnerships into marriages.

Seattle met hookup gnej1t

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Sex and the Millennial Girl

Hookup culture: liberating freedoms or friends with lopsided benefits?

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Hive Minded

What backyard beekeeping really does for people.

Seattle rainy weather v5uvwl

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Seattle Buzzkill

Six things Seattleites should stop talking about.

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Gray Like Me

Apparently, it’s a big damn deal to let your hair go gray. Who knew.

Seattle christmas card cutting euo8cj

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'Tis the Season to Trim the Christmas Card List

If only there was a simple calculus for pruning it!

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Giving to Panhandlers

Are you helping who you think you’re helping?

1013 backfence autism schism gwzhux

The Autism Schism

Is autism a disorder to be cured or a condition to be understood?

0913 backfence may i help you snfqfj

May I Help You?

Among the gifts Seattle has given the world: A few unique selling strategies.

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Etiquette Schmetiquette

How to succeed in business by minding your manners.

0713 back fence how to cross the street yg3sad

How to Cross the Street

It’s not quite as pedestrian as you think.

0613 backfence summer i3h8ih

Why Moms Dread Summer

Summer isn’t a day at the beach. It’s the gaping hole in the feminist project.

0513 backfence brain therapy x5wlyn

Brain Changers

Does neuroplasticity make it easier for therapists to earn their money?

0313 backfence tv friends bjebkh

My TV Friends

When it comes to meaningful relationships, there’s nothing like a good television recap.

0213 backfence parenting c2vrly

Okay, Sure, It Takes a Village

But when it comes to teens and alcohol and sex, how meddlesome do the villagers have to be?

0113 backfence sad d4508v

Let There Be LightBox

A Seattleite’s cure for seasonal affective disorder.

1212 back fence rsvp hgeptg

Responding: So Very Painful

Seattle etiquette: It’s my party and you’ll RSVP if you want to.

1112 back fence marriage politics hpbpyq

The Partisanship Cure

What does our political system need? Marriage counseling.

Displaying articles 1 - 20 of 64 in total