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Thumbnail for - Another Delay In Tunnel Project
Jul 28, 2014
This Washington
Tunnel contractor says the project will be delayed again, adds that his firm is "hopeful" that dispute with the state over who pays "never gets to [lawsuit] stage."
Thumbnail for - PubliCalendar: The Future of Health Care
Jul 18, 2014
Today's picks for civic nerds
Thumbnail for - PubliCalendar: Higher Education, China, and Madeleine Freaking Albright
Feb 21, 2013
Today's picks for civic nerds.
Thumbnail for - PubliCalendar: Pedagogic Powwow and the Groundbreaking for 12th Ave Arts
Feb 20, 2013
Today's picks for civic nerds.
Thumbnail for - Transportation Jolt: Tunnel "Wake-Up Call"
Feb 7, 2013
Afternoon Jolt
The day's winners and losers.
Thumbnail for - Richard Conlin: Council is "Following Our Own Course" on Tunnel
Jul 6, 2010
City Hall
In a two-part interview with Seattle Bike-Intelligencer, city council president Richard Conlin explains how he reconciles his longtime environmental advocacy with his support for the deep-bore...
Thumbnail for - City Could Fund Seawall and Waterfront Without McGinn's Seawall Tax
Jun 21, 2010
City Hall
City Council staffers have proposed three potential options for funding the city's share of the waterfront improvements planned as part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project. Of the three...
Thumbnail for - That Sounds Like a "No"
May 21, 2010
City Hall
City Council president Richard Conlin—whom mayor Mike McGinn challenged to a debate over the Alaskan Way deep-bore tunnel earlier this week—sent out an email this morning saying, pretty...