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Thumbnail for - Why Kids are Good for Cities
Apr 1, 2014
The city's latest urbanist white paper focuses on kids instead of "Creative Class" hipsters.
Thumbnail for - One Question for Mike O'Brien on Incentive Zoning
Feb 18, 2014
One Question
Mike O'Brien says the new data suggest it's time to "reevaluate" incentive zoning, but maintains that the anecdotes he hears tell a different story.
Thumbnail for - Proposals to Increase Affordable Housing Requirement in SLU Move Forward
Mar 19, 2013
City Hall
Proposals to require developers to contribute more toward affordable housing in South Lake Union, which a report shows is not on track to meet its workforce-housing goals, are moving forward.
Thumbnail for - PubliCalendar: Stopping the Sugar, Study Success and Overpass Action
Mar 13, 2013
Today’s picks for civic nerds.
Thumbnail for - One Question for Mike O'Brien
Mar 4, 2013
City Hall
The debate over affordable housing in South Lake Union heats up, with an unlikely cast of characters.
Thumbnail for - Legalizing Cheap Housing, Without Eliminating Standards
Nov 20, 2012
The C is for Crank
Sightline's Alan Durning argues that we should eliminate regulations that increase the cost of housing. We agree—until he argues against the city's rental-housing inspection law.
Thumbnail for - Tim Burgess: Most Subsidized Housing Is In Central City
May 6, 2011
On Other Blogs
Contrary to concerns expressed by residents last night, the majority of subsidized housing in the city isn't in Southeast Seattle; it's downtown.
Thumbnail for - A Veto-Proof Majority
Apr 19, 2010
Morning Fizz
1. The city's parks department is reportedly considering a plan to put term limits, perhaps as short as three years, on P-Patch garden plots on Parks-owned land, irking some P-Patch tenants who...
Thumbnail for - Why We Elected Mike O'Brien
Apr 5, 2010
This was originally posted at Noon today. Because he thinks like this: "Why hasn’t the city made the proper investments on Linden Avenue as density has increased?  How can we ensure that this...
Thumbnail for - Where Did This Nice Little Urban Pocket Come From?
Feb 13, 2010
Just a decade ago, this block of Hiawatha Place between Dearborn St. and Charles St. in the Central District was lined with overgrown, empty lots. Now it's an exemplary urban mixed-use...