Remember when we declared our 2013 style resolutions and I announced that we at Seattle Met are taking back Fridays? We're not the only ones.

None other than the Wall Street Journal reports that bow ties and top hats are the new flip flops and cargo pants.

And yeah, yeah, we get it: the WSJ's piece is all about self-proclaimed wacky tech execs who want to stand out (and maybe get some free press). But really, if you break down the concept, I think you'll find it's a solid one.


Image: Jack Straw
Fancy Fridays don't mean three-piece suits and ballgowns, but skirt and shirt like this Dries Van Noten set—on sale now at Jack Straw—is a lovely happy medium.

You are what you wear. Dress great, feel great.

When did we decide that punctuating our week with dungarees was the best way to head into the weekend? Okay, don't answer that. We know that the Northwest's tech culture is mostly to blame for casual Fridays. But that makes us responsible for turning things around.

Right? Right.

Cool. Can't wait to see you work up for tomorrow... and the week after that, and the week after that.


Image: Jack Straw
And guys, no one is asking you to be uncomfortable. This Massimo Alba jacket (on sale at Jack Straw!) just needs a crisp white shirt and a great knit tie to satisfy our 'fancy' needs.